Martin Litton, the man who Saved the Grand Canyon has rowed on

Martin Litton, the man who turned the Sierra Club around and saved the Grand Canyon Passes Away in his sleep yesterday.



Thanks for everything you did.



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Love the Dolores River? Remember when it flowed freely? Join this Organization and help Keep the Dolores alive!


Join Us

Final Fence Rally
We need a few good hands to help us finish the fence. Join us on the Dolores River THIS SATURDAY, November 8th to finish the second boater-friendly cattle fence above the town of Dolores, and to wrap up the fences for the season. The fence will be down for the winter and for spring runoff, then it will be re-installed next year during cattle season. We need several volunteers to wrap this project up. If you haven’t had the opportunity to work on it, this is your chance! For more details and to sign up, please contact Lee-Ann at 970-560-5486 or email info.THANK YOU!!!


What the TDR?
If you are wondering about the Dolores River Valley Plan, and the ongoing efforts to address the Montezuma County Commissioner’s overturning of the Transferable Development Rights (TDRs), please visit the Protect Montezuma County Water website at:, or the Facebook page at: They are accepting donations for ongoing efforts to maintain the water quality and integrity of the Dolores River.

An Interview with a Living Legend
We are excited to announce our upcoming interview with seasoned and sassy river advocate Katie Lee. Katie Lee has been advocating for living rivers for over 50 years! At age 95, she has plenty to share about her experiences running the Colorado River and the Dolores River pre-dams, and her thoughts about dams. Her colorful career as an actress, songwriter, folksinger, river runner, author, and activist found her in equally colorful settings with other Southwest legends like Edward Abbey and David Brower. Tune in to KSJD Community Radio next Thursday, November 13th at 8:30 AM to hear about it directly from this remarkable Western character.


Fort Collins Needs Your Help to Put Together a Downtown River Project and Kayak Park


Contact City Council TODAY!


To Support Downtown Poudre River Project & Kayak Park!

The City Council will vote tomorrow October 7th on the adoption of thePoudre River Downtown Master Plan which includes a proposed kayak park. In a separate agenda item, the Council will also hold a public hearing to take citizen comments on what should be funded in the 2015-16 City Budget.

If you are in favor of having a kayak park in downtown Ft. Collins we urge you to contact City Council at cityleaders TODAY to express your support for the park and to encourage them to fund it in the City Budget Or, better yet, attend the Council meeting tomorrow at 6 pm to express your views. If you will be emailing comments, send them in asap. See Council Agenda for details.

When the first draft of the Poudre River Downtown Master Plan was released last spring, Save The Poudre’s Board had serious reservations with the amount of concrete and hardscaping depicted in the conceptual drawings of the kayak park and did not feel we could endorse the plan as presented. Many others had similar reservations. We met with the design team to express our concerns. The project team heard similar feedback from City Council, several Advisory Boards, and citizens. The team took this feedback to heart, went back to the drawing board, and subsequently released an updated draft Master Plan ( which showed much improvement in terms of “softening” (less concrete, more vegetation) the design for the kayak park. The Save The Poudre Board now feels comfortable to wholeheartedly endorse the project.

The top priority for the Board for this project has always been the health of the river. We feel that the updated plan achieves the three goals of providing kayak play features, improving the river habitat, especially fish passage, and mitigating flood risk. We have urged City Council to fund the park to the maximum extent possible.

Now is the time to move the kayak park across the finish line!

Thank you!

Greg Speer
Board of Directors

Events This Week

- Tues. 10/7 City Council – Poudre River Downtown Master Plan & City Budget Hearing

- Sat. 10/11 – Tibetan Monks Process to the Poudre River – Global Village Museum 4 pm

Quick Links

7/25 DamNation Tickets

Paint The Poudre Plein Aire

Save The Poudre Website

Save The Poudre Facebook


Commercial Summer Fatalities: 2014

Our condolences to the families of the deceased.

This list is not guaranteed to be accurate. The information is found from web searches and news dispatches. If you have a source for information on any fatality please leave a comment.

Whitewater fatalities are light blue

Medical fatalities are light red

This is up to date as of July 27, 2014

If this information is incorrect or incomplete please let me know. Thank You.






Outfitter or Guide Service








Whitewater Kayaking

Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Badger Rapid

Did not right his kayak








Whitewater Rafting

Colorado River, Grand Canyon

Allergic reaction



Seattle, WA





Whitewater Rafting

Clear Creek

Fell out of raft, possible respirator problems



Brighton, CO




Whitewater Rafting

Arkansas River, Salt Lick

boat flipped or dump trucked

Royal Gorge Rafting


Enid, OK




Whitewater Rafting

Arkansas River, Royal Gorge

respiratory problems before he and five other rafters were tossed out



Colorado Springs, CO




Whitewater Rafting

Roaring Fork river

Fell out of raft

Blazing Adventures


Denver, CO





Whitewater Rafting

Salmon River, The Slide

Ejected from raft

Epley’s Whitewater Adventure


Poulsbo, WA





Grand Teton


Jackson Hole Mountain Guides


Edmond, OK




Whitewater Rafting

Arkansas River, The Numbers

Fell out of raft

Timberline Tours


Dallas, TX


Several of the water fatalities can be medical. A sudden full body cold water immersion can cause vasoconstriction in the hear resulting in death. See the Wikipedia listing Cold shock response.

If you are unable to see this graph, please email me at and I will send you a PDF of the page.

What do you think? Leave a comment.

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Perfect example of a flaw in our system hiring a lifeguard increases your chance of a lawsuit in Florida; No lifeguard no liability.

Don’t take this as a condemnation of the entire system unless you understand it

This article looks at a major hole created by lawsuits in our system. Once a city in Florida hires a lifeguard it accepts responsibility for the people swimming in the waters around the guard. If the guard does not act responsible, i.e. someone drowns, then the city can be sued.

However if no guard is there then there is no liability for the city.

Because it is impossible to prove that a lifeguard did their job right when a jury is looking at the loss of a loved one, hiring a lifeguard brings on lawsuits.

The solution is simple. It requires an acceptance of reality. People are going to drown no matter how many lifeguards maybe on the beach. Pass a law saying that cities are not liable unless the actions of the lifeguards are gross or wilful and wanton. Immunity for the city will put lifeguards on the beaches.

See Are lifeguards a liability? However be cognizant that some of the legal opinions are not from attorneys. The legal basis for those statements is suspect.

What do you think? Leave a comment.

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Dolores River Boating Advocates needs some volunteers next week

Good fences make good neighbors

View this email in your browser

Seeking volunteers for river fence building

Join us NEXT FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, July 25th and 26th, to build a boater-friendly river fence that will keep cows within their boundaries on both sides of the Dolores River while still allowing safe passage for boating. The project will take place at the Lightenberger Ranch, North of the town of Dolores. Two fences will be constructed across the river at each end of the property. We need several volunteers each day to achieve this important mission. If all goes well on Friday, Saturday may be a short day. Volunteers will be appreciated with pizza and beverages at the Dolores Brew Pub Friday evening! For more details and to sign up, please contact Lee-Ann at 970-560-5486 or email info.


Our mailing address is:Dolores River Boating Advocates

PO Box 1173

Dolores, CO 81323

Add us to your address book


Point 65 Sweden acquires Boblbee: A line of backpacks developed to protect your gear


Point 65 Sweden
acquires Boblbee.

Point 65 Sweden has acquired iconic, Swedish, backpack and bag producer, Boblbee and is re-launching the awesome product line under the Point 65 Sweden brand.

Richard Ohman, Founder of Point 65 Sweden:
“We are following our original strategy, to branch out beyond paddle sports and enter the general Outdoor world. Boblbee is the perfect vehicle to take the first step in realizing our vision. These are truly unique products with super cool design, outstanding quality, engineering, and attention to detail. There is nothing else like these packs out there”.

Management has been merged and manufacturing consolidated with Point 65’s. Boblbee’s current distribution network will be integrated with Point 65’s, making the products globally available.

Point 65 Packs boast the best back protection in the world. Germany´s technical inspection association, TÜV, rates these packs higher than any purpose-made back protection.

Also the best gear protection. The Point 65 packs not only protect your back —your gear and electronics are also safe.
Laptops, tablets, cameras, and other valuables are secure in your Point 65 packs. The packs can survive your worst wipe out, cycle crash and withstand being driven over by a car, leaving your laptop intact.

The packs are ergonomically sound. The comfortable back piece continues all the way to the end of the lower back while the center of gravity is kept high. This makes for a pack that is exceptionally easy to carry even with a heavy load.

The products are mainly targeted for everyday use like going to work or school, shopping, travelling etc. They are super cool, extremely comfortable and you never have to worry about your electronics getting banged around while moving through airports, subways, and crowds.
The lightweight packs are great when exploring the outdoors and down right genius for action sports or cycling.

The Point 65 website will launch a pack & bag section spring 2015. Until then please refer to

About Point 65 Sweden
Point 65 Sweden, an innovative outdoor company with unique products within paddle sports and packs.
Point 65 Kayaks Sweden is the leading paddle sports brand in Northern Europe and one of the fastest growing kayak companies in the world. Point 65 Kayaks offers a wide range of kayaks and SUP’s, accessories such as paddles and PFD’s and is the company behind the market changing modular kayaks Tequila!, Martini, Mercury and Apollo kayaks as well as the modular stand up paddle board (SUP) the Rum Runner.
Point 65 Packs Sweden is the company behind the stylish and innovative hard shell packs known for their back and gear protection capabilities, outstanding quality and ergonomically superior carrying comfort.

Point 65 Sweden
Karlbergs strand 4, 171 73 Solna, Sweden | Phone +46 8-663 01 06 | e-mail:

English: Modern sea kayak in west Wales

English: Modern sea kayak in west Wales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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