Good Idea, Bad Approach and it Didn’t Work Anyway: Berkshire Ski Area wins lawsuit

A ski area recently one a lawsuit filed by the parents of a teenage who died skiing at the Berkshire East Ski Resort. Elizabeth Ann Loughman was skiing with her high school when she fell hitting a snowmaking hydrant. The jury deliberated for two hours before finding that the ski area and its employees were not liable for the death of the young women.

David Loughman the father of the deceased teenage stated he wanted to force the ski industry to install more safety equipment and hire more safety personnel.

This is a sad story in two ways. One, a young woman died skiing and two, a father felt the legal system was the best way to create a change in to keep other people safe. Another example where the law was felt by the parents to be the best way to accomplish their goals, but not an effective way.

For more information see:

Greenfield, Massachusetts Jury: Ski resort not at fault in teen death Ski area wins lawsuit in death of local teen

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