Why Youth Protection Training is valuable.

It protects youth. It may also keep you from losing your job and your lifestyle. 

People who volunteer with the Boy Scouts of Americaor other youth organizations are now required to take classes in how

History of the Boy Scouts of America

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to deal with youth and avoid dangerous situations. The classes for the BSA are called Youth Protection Training. The training is designed to keep youth from being molested by adults and to protect the privacy of the youth in the organization. This training is important for the youth and for the organization.

Many times I see adults resisting this training because they feel it does not apply to them. It is not necessary or is a waste of time. They don’t molest youth, why take the training.

However, this training can be extremely critical for an adult.

By following the programs an adult is never put in a position where he can be accused of doing something wrong!

Many years ago I was asked to investigate different claims against the Boy Scouts by my local BSA council. Most of the investigation was simply following up to fill paperwork for the council and see if the council might be at risk.

However, once it was not so easy. A man had been accused by a female youth member of sexual improprieties. After six months of work, I knew that she was lying. There was no time and place that the incident could have occurred. The accused was with other members of the unit at all times. The youth had a motive. She hated the leader.

Not so bad you think. Not really. The accused had a very high security clearance for his job. He lost his clearance and was not able to participate at work. He said the six months might set him back permanently in his employment.

An innocent man was wrongly accused and nearly lost everything.

Youth Protection Training protects youth and adults!

If you are interested in the BSA youth protection training you can get it here: BSA Online Learning Center. If you do not have a BSA account you will have to create one here before you can start the training.

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