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wms_logo.jpgOUR PATIENTS – OUR PLANETEnvironmental Change & Human Health

October 30 – November 3, 2013

Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Alabama

I don’t think it is a surprise to anyone that we are undergoing a period of intense discussions and even debate about environmental change. I think we all agree that something is happening whether it’s global warming…the migration of hazardous insect species northward…the release of environmental toxins, it’s important for physicians to know what these sorts of events are going to do to our planet and then the impact they’re going to have on human health….
-Paul S. Auerbach, MD, Co-Founder, Wilderness Medical Societyoilspillaerialvisit.JPGOne of the greatest challenges of our time is to address environmental changes that may harm human health. Some of these environmental changes like water and wastewater treatment have had a positive impact; however, others such as air pollution, toxic chemicals, loss of biodiversity and climate change have been detrimental to human health. Our health and the environment will forever be inseparable.This stand-alone conference presented by the Wilderness Medical Society is designed for health care providers to learn how changes in the environment affect the medical conditions of their patients and how to be more engaged at working on solutions.

water%20testing.jpgThe conference will be held at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab near Mobile, Alabama. Our expert faculty comes from many disciplines – medicine, science, law, green consulting and education – presenting on topical issues such as health impacts of climate change, air pollution, toxins, endocrine disrupters and the education of physicians in the future.

Please join us this fall for the Wilderness Medical Society’s first conference about the Environment & Human Health on the Alabama Gulf Shore. Details and registration are available at wms.org/conferences.

We invite you to view a short video about this exciting event in wilderness medicine magazine or at wms.org!

Check out all the great articles at Wilderness Medicine Magazine!

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