2 Comments on “2016-2017-ski-season-deaths-12-14-16”

  1. P.Norman Grant says:

    Almost killed at Killington three years ago and suit is about to go to court. A speeding uphill skier (15) jumped off a rise in the contour of the Dream Maker run and flew into me breaking ribs on both sides and a collar bone.
    Q.1 Would the resort want to be involved to show errant skiers that there will be punishment for dangerous skiing, or would Killington want to dampen the case to avoid all publicity?
    Q.2 How many cases of uphill skier v. downhill skier have been tried by juries?
    Q.3 How many cases have been won by the downhill skier?


    • I really don’t track anything else other than what I post. However I’m confused how you think Killington is responsible for your injuries. You assumed the risk of skiing, which could include a collision with another skier. Killington can tell people how to ski, but they can only do things if they catch them. Killington has no police powers.

      More importantly, if you were a rise, where you could not be seen, then the accident is your possibly fault for being in the area would you could not be seen by the uphill skier.


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