Not going to worry about California Proposition 65? Here are some facts from the California Attorney General’s office that may change your mind or at let you know how much money you are going to lose!

Before filing a lawsuit for a violation of California 65 violations law firms have to file a 60-day notice letter with the California Attorney General’s Office. After the settlement or lawsuit, the attorneys must report those (and the attorney general probably has to approve the settlements).

Here are some numbers and examples of the manufacturers and settlement amounts. Remember these settlements are prior to the new fines going into effect. After August 30, 2018 I suspect these numbers are going to skyrocket.


Amount of Settlements

Civil Penalty

Attorney Fees & Costs


2014 $29,482,280 $4,915,648 $21,047,746 $55,447,688.00
2015 $26,266,261.00 $5,108,341.00 $17,862,441.25 $55,447,688.00
2016 $26,226,761 $5,102,341 $17,828,941 $49,160,059.00
2017 $25,767,500 $4,843,142 $19,486,362 $50,099,021.00
$107,742,802.00 $19,969,472.00 $76,225,490.25 $210,154,456.00

That is a lot of money but those are totals. If you look at averages it is even scarier numbers.


Total Settlement costs for the year

Number of Settlements


2014 $55,447,688.00


2015 $55,447,688.00


2016 $49,160,059.00


2017 $50,099,021.00




2014 Reports:

2015 Reports:

2016 Reports:

2017 Reports:

From this site you can search the 60-day notices and see who has been targeted. Searches have found the following retailers and manufacturers on this site.

Retailer Named

Manufacturer Named

Clavey Paddlesports AIRE Inc. Bear Vault Food Cannister Canyonwerks Bag Katadyn North America Inc Sawyer Paddles & Oars Tender Corporation; Adventure Medical Kits Amphipod, Inc
REI Topeak, Inc
REI Todson, Inc
REI Feedback Sports, LLC;
REI Advanced Elements, Inc.
REI Eagle Nest Outfitters, Inc
REI Shock Doctor Inc
REI Amphipod, Inc.
REI Bombardier Recreational Products, Inc.
REI Mountain Safety Research, Inc.
REI Cascade Designs, Inc.
REI Snow Peak USA, Inc.
REI Recreational Equipment, Inc.
REI Kelty, Inc.; American Recreation Products, LLC
REI Katadyn North America, Inc.
REI Recreational Water Products, Inc.
REI Bell Sports, Inc.
REI Specialized Bicycle
REI Shimano, Inc.;
REI Raleigh America
REI Quality Bicycle Products, Inc
REI Pacific Cycle, Inc
REI Kung Hsue She
REI Iron Horse Bicycle, LLC
REI Giant Bicycle, Inc
REI G. Joannou Cycle Co
REI Fuji American Advanced Sports, Inc
REI Felt Bicycles
REI Electra Bicycle Company, Inc
REI Dynacraft BSC, Inc
REI Cycleurope U.S.A., Inc
REI Cannondale Bicycle Corp.
REI Chia Cherne Industry Co. Ltd

Two Simple searches and 42 results and the big settlements have not started.

Do Something

If you are a manufacturer selling in the USA contact me NOW!

Every Manufacturer worldwide selling in California must meet these new Labeling Requirements. New California Proposition 65 warnings will become effective in one year.

California Proposition 65 is a nightmare for manufacturers and as usual, manufacturer bad dreams are felt by retailers.

Manufacturers Checklist for California Proposition 65

What do you think? Leave a comment.

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