Need a Handy Reference Guide to Understand your Insurance Policy?

This book should be on every outfitter and guide’s desk. It will answer your questions, help you sleep at night, help you answer your guests’ questions and allow you to run your business with less worry.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1    Outdoor Recreation Risk Management, Law, and Insurance: An Overview

Chapter 2    U.S. Legal System and Legal Research

Chapter 3    Risk 25

Chapter 4    Risk, Accidents, and Litigation: Why People Sue

Chapter 5    Law 57

Chapter 6    Statutes that Affect Outdoor Recreation

Chapter 7    PreInjury Contracts to Prevent Litigation: Releases

Chapter 8    Defenses to Claims

Chapter 9    Minors

Chapter 10    Skiing and Ski Areas

Chapter 11    Other Commercial Recreational Activities

Chapter 12    Water Sports, Paddlesports, and water-based activities

Chapter 13    Rental Programs

Chapter 14    Insurance

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Interested in the Legal Issues of Recreation and Sports Law? Attend the SRLA conference

Good morning SRLA members,

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend, and is off to a productive start this semester. The BOD is working diligently on several initiatives related to our 2019 Conference; please read carefully below and respond to the appropriate parties where requested.

  • Call for Nominees: 2019 BOD Candidates

President-Elect Sungho Cho is soliciting nominations for the 2019 slate of BOD Candidates. Please see the message from SungHo here:

SRLA can only exist if our members are willing to dedicate themselves to this important service; please consider nominating yourself or a colleague.

  • Call for Abstract Reviewers:

SRLA is in need of reviewers to review conference abstract submissions. Please consider serving as a reviewer, as such service is vital to the organization and your colleagues within SRLA. We anticipate that abstract reviewers will need to review 7-10 abstracts between October 15th and November 1st. If you are interested in serving as a reviewer, please contact SRLA Past-President Michael Carroll at mscarroll, indicating your willingness to serve. Please also reach out to Michael Carroll with any questions.

  • Student Awards

Information is now available for our 2019 student awards; summaries are below, but full details are available at:

  • Bernard Patrick Maloy Graduate Student Research Award; Given annually to the graduate student who submits the best research paper to the Honors and Awards Committee. Award winners are encouraged to work towards future publication in Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport.

Submission Deadline: Saturday, 12/1/18

The winner will receive free Conference Registration and reimbursement up to $500 in expenses to attend the annual SRLA Conference. The winning paper and the selected student will be included in the Conference Program to present his/her paper, as well as recognized during the SRLA Awards Banquet

  • Undergraduate Student Research Poster Competition; Allows undergraduate students an opportunity to submit and present research for evaluation by a panel of judges from the SRLA professional membership. Accepted posters will be displayed concurrently with the Poster Session at the SRLA Conference, with the winning poster chosen by the panel of judges.

Submission Deadline: Saturday, 12/1/18

The Undergraduate Student Research Poster Competition involves undergraduate student or a team of two students submitting the most outstanding research-based poster according to the criteria and identified topic/theme. The winner(s) will receive a $250 cash award and recognition at SRLA Conference.

Topic: Legal Aspects of Sport and Recreation facing Global Sport Organizations

  • Conference Hotel Reservations:

The SRLA room block is available for you to make your conference hotel reservations. Our guaranteed number of rooms may be less than the number of attendees, so we recommend reserving your room as soon as you are able. To make a reservation, please follow the link at the bottom of the SRLA Accommodations webpage:

  • Abstract Submission Deadline

The deadline to submit an abstract is Friday, October 12, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Please visit the SRLA Abstract webpage for full details:

Grand Canyon River Guides has a new Email Newsletter. Become a member and stay on top of what is needed to keep the Canyon Grand!



Heads up, all Canyon and River Advocates:

You may be aware of the recent move by this administration to de-fund the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program and the Upper Basin Fish Recovery Programs. You can learn more here:

Please be aware that the four environmental and recreational stakeholders within the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program (National Parks Conservation Association, Grand Canyon Wildlands Council, Grand Canyon River Guides, and Fly Fishers International/Trout Unlimited), along with 15 other allied organizations, have sent a joint letter to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), asking them to rescind the directive that would transfer $23 million dollars in Colorado River Storage Project (CRSP) revenues to the US Treasury, instead of supporting these critical programs.

We have submitted a similar letter to Congressional reps in regards to an amendment to an appropriations bill that would also restore those funds (in case the OMB doesn’t rescind its directive).

Other actions include:

  • Strong joint letters from the 7 Basin States (Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming).
  • A consensus motion passed by the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Work Group (AMWG) at their recent meeting in Flagstaff expressing their concern about the redirection of CRSP revenues, and a recommendation that the Secretary of the Interior communicate to the OMB the concerns from the AMWG about adequate funding for these critically important programs, consistent with Congressional authorizations.
  • Other organizations are working on crafting their own letters.

GCRG is involved and taking action because:
1) Our primary goal is “Protect Grand Canyon.” This move by the OMB to essentially “de-fund” the science that serves as the foundation of the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program would put the future health of the Colorado River at risk.

2) GCRG was heavily involved in the passage of the Grand Canyon Protection Act of 1992 (Public Law 102-575) which directed the Secretary of the Interior to manage Glen Canyon Dam in such a way as to “protect, mitigate adverse impacts to and improve the values for which Grand Canyon National Park and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area were established.” We want to ensure that the mandates of this critical legislation can be fulfilled in the future.

3) GCRG has served as the recreational river running stakeholder within the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program since its inception (for over 20 years now) and we are invested in having that program continue to provide policy recommendations to the Secretary of the Interior based on best available science.

4) We recognize that the revenues must be restored so that these critical programs can continue. To fail to do so will have crippling basin-wide ramifications – legal, regulatory, and economic.

Here are some ways YOU can help:

  • Please thank Congressman Tom O’Halleran (D-AZ) for his support of Grand Canyon, including his support of our stance on the necessity of these critical programs and the science that fuels them.
  • Call your local representatives NOW to express concern about the defunding of science in Grand Canyon and the fish recovery programs in the Upper Basin. These are effective and successful regional programs that enjoy strong grassroots support! Many local and regional jobs are also at stake — the economic impact of the loss of $23 million would be significant and long lasting, negatively affecting jobs and livelihoods.
  • Provide feedback and express your grave concern to the Secretary of the Interior. Tell Secretary Zinke to please stand up for Grand Canyon and the Colorado River (and for science-based management), by ensuring that the OMB fully restores those CRSP revenues. The Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program and the Upper Basin Fish Recovery Programs must continue their important work!

Thank you very much for your passionate stewardship of this iconic national treasure. We will let you know how things develop. On a positive note, the Bureau of Reclamation has expressed their commitment to providing some “bridge funding” until a long term solution is found. But for now, the future is quite uncertain….



I’m at the Summer Outdoor Retailer Tradeshow See you there?

Sterling Rope Kicks off 25th Anniversary Treasure Hunt

Climbing rope brand Sterling wants all climbers, explorers and adventurers to think about their brand when they head to the hills. They recently announced an international treasure hunt and Instagram contest to celebrate its 25th anniversary. From June to November, Sterling will be partnering with Access Fund (@AccessFund) and the American Alpine Club (@AmericanAlpine) to place wooden #Sterling25 markers at 25 different crags across the US and Canada – anywhere from the trailhead to the top of a climb – and clues will be posted by @SterlingRope each week to help hunters find them.

Every Friday through November 16 @SterlingRope will post a photo and factual clue from its Instagram page. The first person to discover the #Sterling25 marker and post a photo with it tagging #Sterling25, @SterlingRope, @AccessFund, @AmericanAlpine will win a new Sterling rope. The next 25 people to post with the same marker will receive additional Sterling swag. Each day the marker goes unfound, another clue will be released to help treasure hunters win.

There will be 25 different markers in locations ranging from Alaska to Alberta, Washington to West Virginia, and Michigan to Maine, giving hunters around the country 650 chances to win.

Learn more here:

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SFIA Partners with World Federation to Promote Global Product Labeling Database

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Save the date! SERR Conference in Athens, GA March 24-26, 2019

Save The Date

Southeastern Recreation Research Conference

March 24-26, 2019

Athens, GA

The 41st Annual Southeastern Recreation Research (SERR) Conference is officially scheduled for March 24-26, 2019 in beautiful downtown Athens, GA at the Graduate Hotel.

SERR provides an excellent opportunity for researchers, students, and managers throughout the natural resources, recreation, and tourism fields to learn about and discuss innovative and interdisciplinary research related to recreation and tourism in the Southeastern US, the US, and internationally. Registration to attend SERR and the call for poster and oral presentations will go out this fall.

Go to to learn more.

Best Regards,

Bynum Boley, Jamie Thorn, and Rob Porter (Conference Co-Chairs)

B. Bynum Boley, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

180 East Green Street

University of Georgia

Athens, GA 30602-2152

phone: 706-583-8930

fax: 706-542-8356