Save the date! SERR Conference in Athens, GA March 24-26, 2019

Save The Date

Southeastern Recreation Research Conference

March 24-26, 2019

Athens, GA

The 41st Annual Southeastern Recreation Research (SERR) Conference is officially scheduled for March 24-26, 2019 in beautiful downtown Athens, GA at the Graduate Hotel.

SERR provides an excellent opportunity for researchers, students, and managers throughout the natural resources, recreation, and tourism fields to learn about and discuss innovative and interdisciplinary research related to recreation and tourism in the Southeastern US, the US, and internationally. Registration to attend SERR and the call for poster and oral presentations will go out this fall.

Go to to learn more.

Best Regards,

Bynum Boley, Jamie Thorn, and Rob Porter (Conference Co-Chairs)

B. Bynum Boley, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

180 East Green Street

University of Georgia

Athens, GA 30602-2152

phone: 706-583-8930

fax: 706-542-8356




Pathways – Human Dimensions of Fisheries and Wildlife Conference Europe

Pathways Europe 2018 – Goslar, Germany

Conference Announcement and Call for Papers

Pathways – Human Dimensions of Fisheries and Wildlife Conference Europe

Conference Theme: Resurrecting the Wild!?

Goslar, Germany – September 16 – 19, 2018

Improving the understanding of human dimensions of natural resource management and conservation through the application of social and economic sciences in a sustainable use and conservation context is being perceived as a major prerequisite for a successful balance of stakeholder interests, as reflected in the United Nations’ recently adapted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and in the EU Commission’s “Action Plan for nature, people and the economy.” However, crossing disciplinary boundaries and the effective engagement with the human dimensions of natural resources such as wildlife and fisheries is still uncommon, sometimes accredited to the lack of awareness about the scope and importance of social and economic sciences related to the environment. The Pathways – Human Dimensions of Fisheries and Wildlife Conference aims at bringing researchers and practitioners together that value the contributions of social, economic and social-ecological science to the improvement of natural resource management and conservation. The conference’s key target audiences are scientists, governmental and non-governmental natural resource managers, stakeholder groups, especially land and water users/land owners, and other practitioners in the field. It wants to attract enthusiastic presenters and trainers allowing professionals to participate and engage with like-minded professionals across national, state, and institutional boundaries.

Conference Subjects and Submission Deadlines

We are proposing four major content categories for thematic orientation:

  • Social-ecological systems as a framework for conservation management
  • Management of Human-Wildlife Conflicts: Large Carnivores in Europe (and beyond)
  • Management of Human-Wildlife Conflicts: “Other” Species in Europe (and beyond)
  • Natural Resource and Conservation Stakeholders: Managing Expectations and Engagement

For a detailed description of these subjects, the presentation formats and the submission instructions please visit the conference web site at and for further information.

Submission deadlines:

  • Individual abstracts for oral or poster presentations: February 28, 2018
  • All other formats: February 15, 2018

You may contact the organizers at pathways2018 in case of further questions.

Co-Hosted by Alfred Toepfer Academy for Nature Conservation and Colorado State University

Partners World Wildlife Fund and Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW)


4th annual Experience Industry Management Conference

The 4th annual Experience Industry Management Conference is coming up in just a few weeks (March 29-30) at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT. The goal of the conference is to create a common ground for idea sharing, networking, and collaboration for students, professionals, and academics interested in the design, implementation, and evaluation of meaningful experiences across a variety of contexts and industries (e.g., events, recreation, sports marketing/management, tourism, hospitality, etc.). The conference theme for this year is Experience Design.

This year’s conference will feature an excellent selection of experience design related speakers, workshops, and networking events. Announced speakers include:

  • Dan Farr: Founder of SLC Comic Con
  • Fire Fly: Firefly has opened for some of the biggest names in country music including: LeAnn Rimes, and Blake Shelton
  • Tanner Bell: President of Ragnar Events
  • Davis Smith: CEO of Cotopaxi
  • Todd Manwaring: Director of BYU’s Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance and Peery Social Entrepreneurship Program
  • Lee Moreau, Principal at Continuum
  • Shane Lewis: Senior Story Artist Avalanche Software, subsidiary of Disney Interactive Studios

The Conference will be preceded by a one day research retreat on March 28. The research retreat will have a mixture of research presentation, work in progress sessions, and round tables all with a focus on experience related research.

For more information regarding the conference and to register please visit:

2016 EIM Conference.pdf

Tourism Naturally Conference

Tourism Naturally Conference 2016

Last Chance to Submit Symposia Proposals: Submission Deadline March 15

Are you interested in being a thought leader at the Tourism Naturally Conference?

We invite you to submit symposia ideas for the inaugural Tourism Naturally Conference in Alghero, Italy, October 2nd – 5th, 2016.

Symposia, or organized sessions, offer the opportunities for attendees to organize a series of presentations related to any of the conference themes.

  • Symposia will be comprised of 4-6 paper presentations with a suggested time of 20 minutes per speaker (15 mins presenting, 5 mins Q & A).
  • Roundtable, panel discussions and other formats are also welcome.
  • Speakers are scheduled according to the organizer’s preferences.
  • Symposia are scheduled to run concurrently with other conference sessions.

For more information on how to submit your proposal, please visit our website:

Symposia Deadline: March 15, 2016

Individual Abstract Deadline: April 15, 2016

For updates on conference deadlines and information follow us on Twitter @TourismNat and Facebook

Click here for a list of Key Topics


World Leisure Congress on the African Continent


2016 LARASA World Leisure Congress

Theme : Challenges, Choices and Consequences

Congress Dates: 27 – 30 June 2016, Durban, South Africa



The first World Leisure Congress on the African continent will be hosted by the Leisure and Recreation Association of South Africa (LARASA) in Durban, from 27 – 30 June 2016. The aim is to explore the main theme “Challenges, Choices and Consequences” by creating a platform for professionals from diverse fields to interact, share and present a context for leisure services and opportunities. We anticipate speakers and delegates from many countries, communities and academic fields to merge their knowledge by identifying the challenges that confront us, to develop strategies in making the right choices and to achieve positive consequences for all. The benefits of leisure has been widely documented and this congress will highlight the importance of an integrated approach using leisure services to improve the human condition, transform spaces and boost the economy.

The legacy we leave behind for future generations as leisure professionals is reflected not only in the extensive scientific research evidence debated throughout the week, but also in the mentorship and grooming of the young leisure professional as a future leader. The Congress provides a platform for young people to be part of the volunteer corp under expert supervision throughout the week.

Together with the World Leisure Centers of Excellence (Breda, Deusto, Aizona State University and Vancouver Island), we are thrilled to announce the innovative field school concept which will be held during the week of the Congress. Leisure and Tourism students are invited to be part of this stimulating and exciting opportunity to engage in a critical discourse with a focus on theory and hands on practicum in a local setting within the city of Durban.

The warmest place to be in South Africa is Durban (! Located on the east coast, it is a popular tourist destination and coastal city, a trendsetter in offering great lifestyle, adventure activities, natural beauty and is an astonishingly liveable city. The city played host to the successful 2010 FIFA World Cup events which transformed Durban into a leisure and sustainable city where different cultures mingle. The celebration of the historic and cultural event in 2016, of the 200 year anniversary of the formation of the Zulu Nation under the leadership of King Shaka, provides the perfect landscape for the 2016 LARASA World Leisure Congress.

A warm and cordial invitation is extended to all presenters and delegates to explore and reflect on the role of leisure across the lifespan and all sectors to become the fastest growing global trend to address global concerns. The congress affords each one an opportunity to share research across the spectrum of the environment, society and the economy.

Submissions are invited for the following sub themes

1. Leisure and Society

2. Leisure, Health and Happiness

3. Leisure and the Environment

4. Leisure, the Economy and Technology

5. Leisure Research / Methodology / Theory

6. Leisure and Tourism

7. Leisure Management

8. Leisure and Education

9. Leisure, theme parks and playgrounds

10. Leisure, culture and creative industries

Abstract Submission

Abstracts should be 400-500 words, structured as follows and submitted using the online abstract submission form.

Full title of paper as it will appear in the conference programme (not more than 10 words)

a. Abstract should include, background (outline of the context and/or academic literature informing the research),

i. approach (indication of the broad theoretical orientation and/or methodological approach), and

ii. significance (description and application of the original research findings reported in the paper)

b. Most relevant conference theme as listed above.

c. Type of presentation

a. Due date for abstract : 30 June 2015

For further information, please visit our websites : and

We look forward to hosting you in the warm city of Durban where the fun never stops!

Take advantage of the early bird registration which is now open.

Kind regards

The Organising Committee

Leisure and Recreation Association of South Africa

P O Box 202122 Durban North 4016 South Africa

T : +27 82 4848146

Call for Papers: Tourist studies: Tourism Moralities and Mobilities

Call for Papers – Tourist Studies


Guest Editors: Dr. Bryan Grimwood and Dr. Kellee Caton

Several recent epistemological ‘turns’ within tourism studies have enriched and complicated the landscapes of knowledge produced and used within the field. The ‘moral’ (Caton, 2012) and ‘mobility’ (Hannam, 2009) turns are two examples that, when taken together, produce fertile terrain for generating important questions and new meanings about tourism (e.g., Grimwood, 2014). The purpose of this special issue of Tourist Studies is to examine and critique the intersections of tourism moralities and mobilities. More specifically, we seek papers that contribute to fleshing out, and teasing apart, the conceptual, theoretical, methodological, and empirical nature of tourism moralities and mobilities. That tourism mobilities give shape to diverse spaces and places, including the ‘embodied’, ‘mundane’, and ‘exotic’ (Edensor, 2007; Reis, 2013), is justification enough for thinking through moral questions and perspectives. That moralities are likely to shift or become entrenched as we move through tourism spaces adds additional degrees of relevance to the special issue theme (Mostafanezhad & Hannam, 2014).

The guest editors invite submissions that speak to the intersections of tourism moralities and mobilities. We especially encourage papers that shift consideration away from what morality is to what morality does or can do in relation to tourism mobilities (and vice versa). Potential questions underpinning contributions may include:

  • How do we carry morality with us (in tourism and in tourism research) and to what effect? How does morality become anchored/moored in touristic places, or performed across tourism spaces? To what extent is morality mobile?
  • How are tourism mobilities disciplined/controlled by moralities? What spaces of resistance can be/are being mobilized through the practice and being of tourism moralities?
  • How (or to what extent?) do tourist, community, researcher, and non-human subjectivities move/shift in relation to moralities encountered through tourism?
  • How (or to what extent?) are multiple moralities consumed/performed through tourism mobilities, including those associated with tourism research?
  • In a world increasingly (re)made in relation to various (im)mobilities, what moral positionalities are most productive/destructive?
  • What anchors morality when ontological and epistemological foundations are multiple, hybrid, and/or fluid? As scholars? As researchers? As an epistemic community?
  • What is (or should be) the role of morality in tourism epistemology? What meanings or insights does morality provide in relation to how knowledge moves and changes (or doesn’t) in our field, and how certain knowledge is (or fails to be) legitimized?
  • What can tourism studies learn from inter-/multi-/trans-/post-disciplinary approaches to moralities and mobilities? What contributions do such perspective make to the field of tourism studies?

In addition to those with interests in the intersections of tourism morality and mobility, we anticipate the special issue to resonate with scholars situated within ‘critical’ and ‘hopeful’ tourism studies (Pritchard et al., 2011) and build on recent literatures that have helped contextualize tourism ethics from multi-disciplinary perspectives (e.g., Fennell, 2006; Mostafanezhad & Hannam, 2014; Weeden & Boluk, 2014).

Important Dates:

· Abstracts of 250 words must be submitted no later than May 01, 2015. Please submit your abstract to the guest editors, Dr. Bryan Grimwood (bgrimwood) and Dr. Kellee Caton (Kcaton).

· Authors of selected papers will be notified by May 15, 2015.

· Full manuscripts are due to the guest editors by September 15, 2015. The target length of papers is 8000 words and all style guidelines of Tourist Studies must be followed (see A preliminary review of all submissions will help authors shape and revise papers prior to the usual blind review process commencing.

· We are targeting December 2016 as the final publication date. Tourist Studies has allocated Volume 16, Issue 3 for this special issue.


Caton, K. (2012). Taking the moral turn in tourism studies. Annals of Tourism Research, 39(4),


Edensor, T. (2007). Mundane mobilities, performances and spaces of tourism. Social and

Cultural Geography, 8(2), 199–215.

Fennell, D. A. (2006). Tourism ethics. New York: Routledge.

Hannam, K. (2009). The end of tourism? Nomadology and the mobilities paradigm. In J. Tribe

(ed.) Philosophical issues in tourism (pp. 101-113). Toronto, ON: Channel View Publications.

Grimwood, B. S. R. (2014). Advancing tourism’s moral morphology: Relational metaphors for

just and sustainable arctic tourism. Tourist Studies, 1–24, DOI: 10.1177/1468797614550960.

Mostafanezhad, M., & Hannam, K. (Eds.) (2014). Moral encounters in tourism. Burlington, VT:


Pritchard, A., Morgan, N., & Ateljevic, I. (2011). Hopeful tourism: A transformative approach.

Annals of Tourism Research, 38(3), 941-963.

Reis, A. C. (2012). Experiences of commodified nature: Performances and narratives of

nature-based tourists on Stewart Island, New Zealand. Tourist Studies, 12(3), 305–324.

Weeden, C., & Boluk, K. (Eds.). (2014). Managing ethical consumption in tourism. New York:


CFP _ Tourism Moralities & Mobilities.pdf

CAEE Teaching Outside the Box Call for Presenters


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The EE News YOU needOctober 2013 Newsletter

TOTBSessionsDue Nov 12

Call for Session Proposals:

Teaching OUTSIDE the Box Conference 2014

Share your ideas, research, programs, and techniques with your peers at Teaching OUTSIDE the Box 2014

Colorado’s Conference on Environmental Education

Date: Thursday, March 20-Saturday, March 22

Location: Denver (Currently finalizing exact location and will announce soon.)

Teaching Outside the Box

The tagline for this year’s Teaching OUTSIDE the Box (TOTB) conference is: Share, EEvolve, Grow- Celebrating the Voices of Environmental Education

This relates to environmental education(EE) in the past and present in Colorado and the evolution of EE towards the future. We look forward to seeing sessions that highlight this.


Submitting Your Proposal

Contribute your expertise and help keep Teaching OUTSIDE the Box one of the most anticipated and respected professional development opportunities for environmental educators in Colorado!

The conference will offer a variety of sessions, an inspiring keynote, many opportunities for networking and discovering new resources, tools and techniques.

We encourage session proposals that highlight exemplary and innovative EE programming from formal and non-formal educators! We are also looking for sessions for audiences that are both newer to the field of EE and have been involved for several years.

Submit your online session proposal by

Tuesday, November 12.

For more information about presenting and the online application, click here.


Other Conference Details:

New Changes to TOTB: Over the summer CAEE collected feedback on future Teaching OUTSIDE the Box Conferences. We listened to your feedback and made two significant changes to our conference. We have moved the date of the conference to March and have conference sessions on both a work day and weekend date to accommodate various schedules-starting with a kick-off event on Thursday evening.

Scholarships: Limited scholarships are available for conference attendees. The scholarship application will be available in late-October.

Registration: Online conference registration will be available by mid-November.

89.pngBreakfastClassroom teachers, environmental education providers, club leaders, natural resource professionals and more are all powerful voices in ensuring that Coloradans have the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about the environment. These voices become even stronger collectively as part of the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education. Join us to celebrate and support our collective voice.

Register to join us today! (required)

Guests are invited to take advantage of all the environmental education opportunities the museum has to offer after the event. Museum entrance fees are included with your registration.

We welcome you to invite friends and colleagues who share our passion for environmental education to this inspiring event!

Can’t attend but would still like to support EE in Colorado or Get involved in CAEE? Click Here

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History Colorado Job Opportunity – Regional Museums and Affiliates Director

Apply by Feb 15- ACES Summer Naturalist Position

Apply by Oct 20- Watershed Education Director at Roaring Fork Conservancy

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Bookkeeper position, Colorado Mountain Club

Apply by December 2-Education Intern Position – Audubon Society of Greater Denver

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