Form to Complete to Write a Customer Release for your Business or Program

Click on this link and complete this form and email to me at Jim@Rec-Law.US.

Information and Agreement to Write a Release for you

This form is for you to complete to start working on your release. It is quite lengthy and serves three purposes.

  • The first is to make sure I cover everything you need to write a release for you.
  • The second to make you think about the issues for your release.
  • The third to serve as a risk-management  tool for you.

You can complete the form using Adobe or print the form, scan and return to me.  Returning the form means you accept the terms of the agreement on the form. 

Please be thorough with your answers. If a section does not apply to you, simply cross out that section.

This will not be enough. I’ll possibly have more questions for you as I work on the release, and we will make changes going through various drafts. The drafts have two goals.

  • To make sure we cover all risks we can in your release; and,
  • To make sure you understand the release.

I’ve also attached some information to start preparing you to understand your release and how it should work.

  • Information to go with your Release
  • Release information