Montreat College Virtuoso Series 2 Day Outdoor Recreation Management, Insurance & Law Program

2 packed Days with information you can put to use immediately. Information compiled from 30 years in court and 45 years in the field.get_outside_12066-2

Whatever type of Program you have, you’ll find information and answers to your risk management, insurance and legal questions.

CoverYou’ll also receive a copy of my new book Outdoor Recreation Insurance, Risk Management, and Law

Get these Questions Answered

What has changed in the law Concerning Releases? What states still allow releases and which ones do not. What changes have been made in how releases are written? How can you make sure your release is not as affected by these changes?

Everyone is excited about Certificates of Insurance. Why this excitement is not valid and why most of them don’t work. What must you do to make a certificate of insurance work for your program?

What is an assumption of risk document and why are they important. How can your website be used to prove assumption of the risk.

How should you write a risk management plan that does not end up being used against you in court?

How do you handle an accident so it does not become a claim or a lawsuit.

Put February 24 & 25th on your Calendar Now.

Course Curriculum

1.    Assumption of the Risk

1.1. Still a valid defense in all states

1.2. Defense for claims by minors in all states

1.3. Proof of your guests assuming the risk is the tough part.

1.3.1.   Paperwork proves what they know       Applications       Releases       Brochures

1.3.2.   The best education is from your website       Words       Pictures       Videos

2.    Releases

2.1. Where they work

2.1.1.   Where they work for kids

2.2. Why they work

2.2.1.   Contract

2.2.2.   Exculpatory Clause

2.2.3.   Necessary Language

2.2.4.   What kills Releases       Jurisdiction & Venue       Assumption of the Risk       Negligence Per Se        

3.    Risk Management Plans

3.1. Why yours won’t work

3.2. Why they come back and prove your negligence in court

3.2.1.   Or at least make you look incompetent

3.3. What is needed in a risk management plan

3.3.1.   How do you structure and create a plan

3.3.2.   Top down writing or bottom up.       Goal is what the front line employee knows and can do

4.    Dealing with an Incident

4.1. Why people sue

4.2. What you can do to control this

4.2.1.   Integration of pre-trip education

4.2.2.   Post Incident help

4.2.3.   Post Incident communication

You can decided how your program is going to run!blind_leading_blind_pc_1600_clr


Put the date on your calendar now: February 24 and 25th 2017 at Montreat College, Montreat, NC 28757

$399 for both days and the book!

For more information contact Jim Moss

To register contact John Rogers , Montreat College Team and Leadership Center Director, (828) 669- 8012 ext. 2761



December 11 is International Mountain Day

The UIAA. News Release.uiaa-1

International Mountain Day, 11 December 2016

International Mountain Day takes place on Sunday 11 December. This occasion was designated in 2003 by the United Nations General Assembly and has been observed on 11 December each and every year since. Its primary goal is to raise awareness about ‘the importance of mountains to life, to highlight the opportunities and constraints in mountain development and to build alliances that will bring positive change to mountain peoples and environments around the world.’ This year’s theme focuses on Mountain Cultures, which presents an opportune moment for us to reflect on our own culture as mountaineers in the context of current issues facing the mountain environment, the daily challenges faced by mountain people, together with the commitment of the UIAA in the field of mountain sustainability and that of its global constellation of member federations.

The UIAA, its member federations and Mountain Protection Commission have produced, and contributed to, a series of articles to mark International Mountain Day.

Coming Soon: Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). Report from Conference on Climate Change, Tourism and Earthquake Recovery.

Please visit our dedicated International Mountain Day page for further information

A review of International Mountain Day will feature as part of the UIAA’s December newsletter, published on Monday 19 December

The UIAA was founded in 1932 and has 92 member associations in 68 countries representing about 3 million climbers and mountaineers. The organization’s mission is to promote the growth and protection of climbing and mountaineering worldwide, advance safe and ethical mountain practices and promote responsible access, culture and environmental protection.

The organization operates through the work of its commissions which make recommendations, set policy and advocate on behalf of the climbing and mountaineering community. The UIAA is recognized by the International Olympic Committee.


Monbijoustrasse 61 Postfach CH-3000

Bern 23, Switzerland

Tel: +41 (0)31 370 1828

Summer 2016 Commercial Fatalities

This list is not guaranteed to be accurate. The information is found from web searches and news dispatches. Those references are part of the chart. If you have a source for information on any fatality please leave a comment or contact me. Thank you.

If this information is incorrect or incomplete please let me know.  This is up to date as of December 1, 2016. Thanks.

Rafting, Mountaineering, Skiing out of bounds and other sports are probably still safer than your kitchen or bathroom. This information is not to scare you away from any activity but to help you understand the risks and to study.

Red is a probable death due to medical issues unrelated to the activity

Blue is an employee fatality

Dark blue is a death of an employee while working








Location 2


Ref 2



Cat Skiing


Mt. Bailey

Avalanche hit tree




Cat Ski Mount Bailey


Whitewater Rafting


Wenatchee River

Raft Flipped





Orion River


Whitewater Rafting


Dead River

Fell out



North Country Rivers


Whitewater Rafting


Arkansas River

Fell out




Echo Canyon River Expeditions


Whitewater Rafting


Lowe River

Fell out






Whitewater Rafting


Roaring Fork




Slaughterhouse section

Aspen Whitewater Rafting


Whitewater Rafting


Kongakut River




Alaska Alpine Adventures


Whitewater Rafting


Kongakut River




Alaska Alpine Adventures


Sea Kayaking


Downeast Maine

High Seas



Corea Harbor


SeaScape Kayaks


Sea Kayaking


Downeast Maine

High Seas



Corea Harbor


SeaScape Kayaks


Whitewater Rafting


Green River




Disaster Falls

Adrift Adventures


Whitewater Rafting


Arkansas River

Fell out



Zoom Flume

River Runners


Inflatable Kayak


Rogue River

Fell out & trapped unwater



Wildcat Rapid




Canoe Trip


Boundary Waters

Lighting Strike



Basswood Lake

BSA Northern Tier High Adventure Base


Canoe Trip


Boundary Waters

Lighting Strike



Basswood Lake

BSA Northern Tier High Adventure Base


Mountain Climbing


Grand Teton National Park




Valhalla Canyon near the Black Ice Coulier



Whitewater Rafting


Grand Canyon NP

Guide walked out of camp with inflatable



Pancho’s Kitchen



If you would like a PDF of this chart please click here.

Our condolences go to the families of the deceased. Our thoughts extend to the families and staff at the areas who have to deal with these tragedies.

What do you think? Leave a comment.

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UIAA Updates: If you are a Rock Climber or Mountaineer this Great Organization is part of your Life.



Welcome to UIAA Newsletter – November 2015
Issue No. 0

Everest2.jpg UIAA Statement regarding Proposed Restrictions on Mount Everest

The UIAA fully supports the decision by Nepalese authorities to propose more stringent measures for climbers wishing to scale the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest (29,029ft / 8,848m). These measures will include individuals having to prove they have already scaled a peak in excess of 6,500m, eliminating the possibility of novice climbers scaling the mountain. Read More

Member Federations
IMG_7379_Marco-Frattini.jpg Join the UIAA in supporting the World Food Programme and Nepal Mountaineering Association’s response in Nepal
Following the April earthquake that shook Nepal and left thousands of people stranded in remote locations beyond the access of roads and helicopters, the World Food Programme (WFP) set up a Remote Access Operation to reach survivors with life-saving food, medicine and shelter. … Read More
bolt.jpg New Download: UIAA Warning About Climbing Anchor Failures
The UIAA Safety Commission has produced an extensive document ‘Watch Your Anchor! Corrosion and Stress Corrosion Cracking Failure of Climbing Anchors’. … Read More
test2.jpg The UIAA integrates Respect the Mountains
The UIAA is delighted to announce the extension of its activities in mountain preservation through the recent addition of the Respect the Mountains campaign. … Read More
General Assembly
LEA_4284.jpg Images: 2015 UIAA General Assembly
Member federations can access the photo library from the 2015 UIAA General by accessing the UIAA Flickr account at the following link. … Read More
Mountain Protection
MPA15_banner.jpg 2015 UIAA Mountain Protection Award Winner
KTK-BELT Studio joins impressive list of UIAA Mountain Protection Award recipients … Read More
Competition Sports
herndon_ben_bif17_UIAAnewsletter-6.jpg Confirmation: UIAA Ice Climbing Event in Bozeman, Montana goes ahead
The UIAA informs member federations, athletes and the ice climbing community that the 2016 UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour season opener in Bozeman, Montana scheduled for 11-12 December will go ahead as planned. … Read More
IYCI_Italy1.png Registration for 2016 International Youth Ice Climbing Camp (Italy) open
Information is now available – and registration open – for the 2016 International Youth Climbing Camp in Italy. … Read More
Guillestre-region-IMG_3686.jpg 2016 International Youth Ice Climbing Camp (France) registration open
Full details about February’s International Youth Ice Climbing camp in France are now available. … Read More


10 – 12 December 2015
UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup & NA Championships
Bozeman, MT. USA16 – 17 January 2016
UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup & Asian Championships
Cheongsong. Korea

22 – 23 January 2016
UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup
Saas Fee

29 – 31 January 2016
UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup

06 – 07 February 2016
UIAA World Youth Championships – Rabenstein

06 – 10 February 2016
International Youth Ice Climbing Camp
Valle Varaita (Cuneo)

See full calendar

TNF Logo Square
UIAA – International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation

Monbijoustrasse 61 Postbach CH-3000 Bern 23 Switzerland

My Adirondacks: Tales from the Wild Side

My Adirondacks

My Adirondacks

With six million acres of lakes and mountains, the Adirondack Park of Upstate New York is a big place ripe for big adventures, and few have adventured more there than author Erik Schlimmer. Highlights of his adventures include climbing more than 500 peaks, hiking across the entire Adirondack Park, and working as a trip leader and backountry ranger. In this new book he tells us what it’s like “to be out there – oftentimes alone – with the moose and the bugs and the nothingness.”

Published by Beechwood Books, My Adirondacks: Ten Stories from Twenty Years is Schlimmer’s fourth title and his third about the Adirondacks. He calls the Adirondacks a range that he “fell in love with” when his family relocated from the Hudson Valley to Upstate New York when he was 12 years old. “Since then,” he reports, “the mountains have been a significant and consistent part of my life. I attended school among them, worked in them, explored them, and now write about them. It’s really a good life.” In My Adirondacks Schlimmer shares part of this good life, his stories ranging from his first camping trip in 1989, to hiking with an Iraq combat veteran, to eating apple pie naked in the woods.

“Hiking and writing go together well – one leads to the other” says the 42-year-old Capital Region resident, who splits his time between writing, working for the Research Foundation for SUNY, and earning his masters degree in Social Work from the University at Albany. Schlimmer has but one wish for his readers: “I hope they enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.”

My Adirondacks is available through select retailers and the author’s website,

Erik Schlimmer 12 Crockett Avenue, Second Floor Troy, NY 12180 607.434.5942

UIAA Respoect the Mountains Campaign

UIAA integrates Respect the Mountains

News release


The UIAA is delighted to announce the extension of its activities in mountain preservation through the recent addition of the Respect the Mountains campaign.

Over the past decade, Respect the Mountains has acted as a guardian of the mountain world raising awareness through the practice of seven cardinal rules: book smart; travel wise; support sustainable practices; be a respectful and responsible mountain tourist; ‘leave no trace’; reduce, reuse, recycle & upcycle (RRRU) and spread the word.


Respect the Mountains has worked tirelessly to promote sustainable mountain tourism both by encouraging supporters to raise donations and through organizing a global network of volunteers. On a practical level they have spearheaded the Envirotrek CleanUp series dedicated to collecting litter from mountain and nature areas across Europe.

The UIAA is proud to inherit this significant challenge aimed at ensuring greater sustainability in the mountain tourism industry. Respecting the needs and wishes of mountain communities will continue to be a core component of the project in parallel with research, innovation and educating young people about preservation to ensure mountains continue to captivate future generations. As part of its strategy for the future the UIAA will organize educational projects during the ski season and clean-up events in the summer months.

“Adding Respect the Mountains to our range of activities is a significant step,” explained UIAA President Frits Vrijlandt, “the project will be aligned to our long-established commitment to mountain protection. We actively encourage our member federations to organize Respect the Mountains initiatives in their respective territories.”

The UIAA will be supported in this venture by outdoor footwear brand KEEN, specialists in sandals and hiking shoes, and long-term supporter of the project. Since its creation in 2003, KEEN has been an active supporter of good causes working with non-profit organizations around the world building stronger communities and a healthier planet and actively working to inspire responsible outdoor participation and land and water conservation.

“KEEN is excited about the new direction of Respect the Mountains and we hope that with the help of the UIAA we can help raise the voice of Respect the Mountains to make sure that more people keep our playgrounds clean and learn about how the 7 ways to reduce our impact, whilst building a sustainable future,” explained Perry Laukens, KEEN Marketing Director.

Additional information concerning Respect the Mountains is available here.

Ecuador Ministry of Tourism now has Newletter and Information alerts about Climbing & Mountaineering in Ecuador

On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador, we wanted to share updates about the Cotopaxi Volcano Situation.

The Ministry of Tourism calls tourists and tour operators to remain alert to guidelines and recommendations provided by the Ministry of Security Coordination.

Below I’ve shared full press release. Please let me know if you have additional questions.


Jose Gonzalez

200 Hudson Street 7th Floor
New York, NY 10013

Office 212-219-0321 | Direct 646-762-8737

Newsletter: Cotopaxi Volcano Situation

Quito, (28-08-2015) Last Friday, August 14, a yellow alert was declared in the provinces of Cotopaxi, Tungurahua and Pichincha as a result of emissions of ash from the Cotopaxi volcano which occurred in the course of the last few hours prior this announcement. In this regard, President Rafael Correa, advised the public to remain calm and to keep themselves informed using the only official channel, which in this case is the Ministry of Security Coordination with its spokesperson, Minister Cesar Navas.

Similarly, President Correa declared a state of exception throughout the country due to the Cotopaxi volcano eruption process, in order allocate all necessary resources to assist immediately and efficiently to the community in case of an emergency.

According to the latest newsletter issued by the Ministry of Security Coordination, the Geophysical Institute reported that the afternoon and evening on Wednesday, August 26, through satellite photographs, gas and ash emissions were detected. The Institute also reported that so far, the atmosphere near the volcano remains clear, with the presence of light gas emissions in the vicinity of the crater. The Ministry of Security Coordination announced that the volcano is being monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the goal of having permanent information on its activity.

In earlier days, as a preventive measure, the entrance to Cotopaxi National Park and El Boliche National Recreation Area was suspended due to the ash fall. Given this alert, the Ministry of Tourism calls tourists and tour operators to remain alert to guidelines and recommendations provided by the Ministry of Security Coordination. We will continue to inform through this channel.

The local airports are open and operating normally, including the airport in Latacunga. Also, tourism activities are normal in the rest of the country as well as National Parks, such as: Cayambe Coca, Galapagos, Llanganates, Machalilla, Podocarpus, Sangay, Sumaco, Yasuni, Yacuri and Cajas. Remember also that Ecuador offers numerous options to visit and enjoy a unique journey in the Andes, the Coastal region, the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands; four worlds, each with spectacular destinations to discover.

For adventure lovers, here are some excellent options: Ilinizas Ecological Reserves, El Angel, Antisana, Cotacachi Cayapas; Pasochoa Wildlife Refuge, Pululahua Geobotany Reserve; Puyango Petrified Forest; Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve; Limoncocha Biological Reserve; among others.

In case to visit Quito or areas near the volcano, where ash fall is recorded, it is advisable to consider the following recommendations:

• Protect your eyes with goggles, nose and mouth with a damp cloth and mask.

• Wear clothes that cover most of your body, to prevent skin damage.

• Cover food and drinking water, to avoid contamination with ash.

• If you have animals, you should also pay attention to these recommendations.

• Insulate gaps in doors and windows, to prevent the ash from coming in.

Useful information:

Alerts warn us from danger. In a volcanic emergency, the authorities, with technical advice, declare alerts so people and entities responsible take security measures.

The yellow alert is a significant activation announcement of the threat.

After the announcement of this alert, President Rafael Correa declared a state of exception throughout the country to be alert for a possible eruption of the volcano. The measure allows allocate resources and means in order to safeguard the integrity of the people.

Due to the activation of a yellow alert, the Ministry of Security Coordination recommends:

– Review a family emergency plan, find out about evacuation routes and safe places.

– Take the basic personal and family safety measures, have your emergency kit.

– Be informed by official sources (Ministry of Security Coordination).

Do not forget that an orange alert is a warning to prepare for an impending adverse event; and a red alert refers to the attention of an emergency or disaster.

For more information visit: