My Adirondacks: Tales from the Wild Side

My Adirondacks

My Adirondacks

With six million acres of lakes and mountains, the Adirondack Park of Upstate New York is a big place ripe for big adventures, and few have adventured more there than author Erik Schlimmer. Highlights of his adventures include climbing more than 500 peaks, hiking across the entire Adirondack Park, and working as a trip leader and backountry ranger. In this new book he tells us what it’s like “to be out there – oftentimes alone – with the moose and the bugs and the nothingness.”

Published by Beechwood Books, My Adirondacks: Ten Stories from Twenty Years is Schlimmer’s fourth title and his third about the Adirondacks. He calls the Adirondacks a range that he “fell in love with” when his family relocated from the Hudson Valley to Upstate New York when he was 12 years old. “Since then,” he reports, “the mountains have been a significant and consistent part of my life. I attended school among them, worked in them, explored them, and now write about them. It’s really a good life.” In My Adirondacks Schlimmer shares part of this good life, his stories ranging from his first camping trip in 1989, to hiking with an Iraq combat veteran, to eating apple pie naked in the woods.

“Hiking and writing go together well – one leads to the other” says the 42-year-old Capital Region resident, who splits his time between writing, working for the Research Foundation for SUNY, and earning his masters degree in Social Work from the University at Albany. Schlimmer has but one wish for his readers: “I hope they enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.”

My Adirondacks is available through select retailers and the author’s website,

Erik Schlimmer 12 Crockett Avenue, Second Floor Troy, NY 12180 607.434.5942


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