Travel Insurance Issues Outlined

There is a great article on understanding travel insurance at Understanding Travel Insurance For Sports And Hazardous Activities. Most people don’t use it, but when you are spending several thousand dollars for an adventure vacation it can be valuable. As an example, if were planning a trip to the North side of Everest this spring, you just had your trip cancelled by the Chinese as they attempt to put the Olympic torch on the summit. Trip insurance might help recover your costs.

Travel insurance is divided into two different types of travel policies, although both are referred to as travel insurance.

The first is a policy that covers your cost of the travel part of the trip. Your flight, your hotel costs, those things that are about a trip. Some of these policies cover lost luggage, the cost of extra charges on a cancelled flight, those pure travel related issues. This type of policy would help you recover your costs if you had been scheduled to climb Mt Everest from the North this spring. Most of these policies would cover your costs in your flight, hotel and some incidental costs for the cancelled trip.

The other type of policy includes health or medical insurance for injuries that may occur while traveling. These policies may or may not include covering a rescue or evacuation. It is this second type of policy this article addresses. They are great gap fillers if your health insurance policy is geographically limited or limited to the extent of coverage or activities covered.

Some policies can be purchased that combine travel coverage and the medical coverage under one policy. Both policies usually cover the extra cost of getting home earlier than planned on a flight due to an illness or an emergency.

The valuable part of the article discusses the difference between an accident on an excursion or activity that is an adventure which would be covered and an adventure activity which would not be covered. One is incidental to the main trip which most insurance policies cover and the other is an adventure trip that is not covered by most policies. That is a trip where you are doing a five day safari riding elephants would not cover falling off an elephant. However a trip to Africa where one afternoon you ride an elephant and fall off would be covered. Read the fine print before you buy and buy the policy that covers your trip and trip needs.

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