Helmets do not increase risk of a neck injury when skiing

How this contradicts claims made by injured skiers, let’s hope the study wins.

The Canadian Medical Association Journal released a study The effect of helmets on the risk of head and neck injuries among skiers and snowboarders: a meta-analysis. he study showed that there was no increased risk to a skier or snowboarder when wearing helmets.

The study was only a review of electronic databases,
conference proceedings and reference lists
. It would be nice to see a study using testing to show the forces on a head using a helmet. However, either way, the fear of using a helmet based on a neck injury appears to be minimal.

Several claims have been made that helmets have caused neck injuries in small or petite children with older style heavy helmets.

To see an article about the study see SportsOneSource Canadian Study Finds Ski Helmets Don’t Increase Risk of Neck Injury.


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