Markel top Five Camp Claims for 2010

Claims are mixed between general liability and property damage claims, but instructive. 

Markel Insurance has listed their top five (5) claims for the 2010 camp season.

1. Auto-related events. The majority of driver-at-fault accidents involved backing into and hitting parked vehicles, colliding at intersections, rear-ending other vehicles, and striking objects such as deer and trees.
2. Tripping and falling accidents. These events often took place on playground equipment and during open-field game activities.
3. Wind damage. Wind-related damages were primarily caused by trees falling on structures during strong storms.
4. Abuse. Abuse allegations reported during 2010 were primarily camper-to-camper incidents.
5. Lightning damage. Damages occurred to office equipment, such as computers and telephone systems.
Auto, Wind and Lighting are property damage claims. In most cases, these are the real reasons why you have insurance. To pay for damage for things you cannot control, wind and weather.

Tripping and falling accidents are the curious claims listed. Kids fall down. Many of these claims can be avoided if the parents know that kids are going to be hurt when they run, jump and play.

The Markel Risk Management Tips newsletter can be seen here. To sign up for the newsletter go to A complete article about the top five risks can be found at Train Your Staff with Lessons from the Past.

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