There are several things that do not add up in this lawsuit

$2 Million for a teenager who died because she was pushed to ski a harder slope?

A family is suing Blue Mountain Ski Area for $2 million dollars for the death of their 17 year old daughter. The lawsuit claims the teenager was forced to ski on a hill she felt she was not ready for. The claim also states the student was given less than an hour’s ski lessons.

The suit is against the ski area, the school, the teachers and the ski instructors. Allegedly, the schools phys ed teacher encouraged her to ski a tougher hill.

The article says:

Reurink, who was wearing a helmet, lost control on the slope and hit a tree at the bottom, dying instantly, the statement of claim alleged.

“She hit with such force her aorta and brain stem were severed….

Most groups from a school go package deals where everything is negotiable. The rental equipment, the lift tickets, meals and how long the ski lesson is are part of the package and all subject to dozens of different options.

The articles states:

However, O’Neill said Reurink’s sticker allowed her to ski only green and blue runs — not the black or double black diamond runs. Ski runs are marked green for easy, blue for intermediate and black for most difficult or advanced. Double black diamond runs are for experts only.

Some ski areas sell lift tickets that only allow access to certain lifts. That is not done to restrict the person from skiing other areas that is done to save money. You pay less money to ski less of the mountain…..or hill in this case. I’ve been to Blue Mountain a great resort with one of the best management teams I’ve ever dealt with, but it is only a hill.

So if the deceased student was on a black diamond run, she had snuck over to the run because she was on a restricted lift ticket.

First how are students going to do anything, unless they are encouraged or even shoved a little to get them moving and learning.

Second $2 million dollars?

It is terrible for the family of the student and the resort to deal with this tragedy. However, this lawsuit does not make a lot of sense except for this one line in the article. “…that the teenager’s parents and sisters launched the $2-million lawsuit to get answers about why she died.”

See Family seeks $2M for teen’s ski death at Blue Mountain.

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