Update on climbing wall accident at Wood River YMCA Climbing Wall

We posted information about an accident at the Wood River YMCA titled Climbing accident at Ketchum Idaho indoor Climbing Wall. A new story indicating everyone has hired lawyers was posted recently: Investigation into YMCA accident continues by the Idaho Mountain Express.

It appears that both parties have gone to the mattresses. (An old mafia phrase for gearing up for war.) The article dated 2/20/08 states both parties are not talking based on advice from their attorneys.

Why do you suppose the plaintiff all ready has an attorney? Maybe because they want to find out what happened? Since the plaintiff can’t find anything out because the YMCA attorney is not letting his client’s speak or answer questions, where else are you going to go to learn what happened? The person you have the most confidence in and one who matches the force the other side has applied…..another attorney.

It’s based on Newton’s Law of Motion as paraphrased for the law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If one side gets an attorney, guaranteed the other side will get an attorney.

Lots of questions in this post, lots of unanswered questions in the article and I suspect the injured climber and his families mind.

An indoor climbing center in Singapore

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