Kayak rental shop found not liable in kayaking death

In a case with very conflicting facts, a Federal Jury has found a Hawaiian kayak rental company not guilty for the death of a kayak renter. The Star Bulletin reported in Company not guilty in Maui kayak deaththat the rental company was not liable for the death of a woman whose body has not been found.

Sea kayaking is a popular way to explore Keala...

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The claims of the husband were the kayak rental company should not have rented the kayaks to the couple because of small craft warnings. The company claimed the husband had rented kayaks twice before with no problems and they had told the husband to kayak close to shore where they would be protected by the winds.

The facts of the case were in dispute as to how the wife died. The husband claims they were swept out to see and she was attacked by a shark. However the life jacket that was found showed no bite marks and there was no other indication of problems.

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