Child falls on auto belay at climbing wall

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An 8 year old girl was climbing at the Boar’s Head Sports Club of Charlottesville Virginia on an auto belay device when she fell 15′. She suffered a minor fracture to her foot after landing on the padding at the base of the wall. The contractors who installed the climbing wall is attempting to determine what failed.

What is always interesting in these cases is a competitor not understanding the industry and helping to start a lawsuit. In this case when contacted by the media, a competitor says sure auto ascenders fail. The industry is too small and there is not enough insurance for competitors to be making those dumb statements. See Insurance for Paddlesports Companies

See Off belay: Child falls from Boar’s Head climbing wall

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  1. RAGBRAI almost got closed down because of this. A cyclists sued the county and the county settled so now a lot of the counties don’t want the tour. Needed a good release that protected the RAGBRAI and the state and counties.Thanks for the lead.


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