At least three bills are moving through Florida Legislature to allow a Parent to Sign away a Minor’s right to sue.

The Florida Supreme Court struck down a parent’s right to sign away a minor’s right to sue in Kirton vs. Fields, No. SC07-1739, No. SC07-1741, No. SC07-1742 (FL 2008). For an analysis of the decision See Florida follows majority in not allowing a parent to sign a release for a minor.

If you have a business or operate in Florida you should be become a supporter of the bill that helps you and every other recreation provider in Florida. Several of the bills are only for the motorsports industry, where the original lawsuit came from. So you need to make sure you are jumping on the right bandwagon.

As a major tourist state, Florida recreation and tourism providers will see an increase in their insurance costs when litigation for injuries caused by minors starts to increase because of the decision.

See Florida Panel Advances Bill to Restore Parental Liability Waivers for Kids and Let parents say what’s safe, theme parks urge.


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