Death we have commented on allegedly has a $14 million verdict

We reported in Lawsuit for Summer Camp Drowning that a family was suing a camp over the death of their young son. It has been reported by one source that a jury has returned a verdict against the camp for $14 million dollars. See Family gets $14 million in drowning. An announcement has not been made in the case because a gag order is in effect and the punitive damages face of the case is ongoing.

In some jurisdictions punitive damages are done post initial verdict. Punitive damages are damages awarded to punish the defendant or to warn other defendants not to engage in the same type of activities. Punitive damages are not dischargeable in bankruptcy and are usually not covered by insurance.

It is being reported that some defendants acted with “malice, oppression and fraud…” which gives rise to the punitive damages. It is also an indication that something other than a simple drowning was involved in this case.

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