CALL FOR ARTICLES: PHENex journal/Revue phenEPS (Physical and Health Education Nexus/phénix Éducation Physique et à la Santé)

Physical Health Education Nex (us)/ (phén) ix Éducation Physique et à la Santé

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new, on-line, open-access, peer reviewed journal focused on research in physical and health education, PHENex journal/Revue phenEPS (Physical and Health Education Nexus/phénix Éducation Physique et à la Santé). Published in Canada, this journal accepts submissions from researchers in physical and health education from around the globe. We invite you to visit the PHENex/phenEPS site at

PHEnex/phenEPS publishes empirical, theoretical, and methodological research, and position papers, as well as reviews and critical essays by Canadian and International authors. Research methodologies may be quantitative, qualitative or mixed method and may use data gathered through historical analysis, surveys, fieldwork, action research, participant observation, content analysis, simulations or experience. Articles most appropriate for PHEnex focus on pedagogical, social, cultural, philosophical, psychological, historical, sociological or management issues in physical education, health, dance, recreation, or leisure studies.

Articles may be submitted in English or in French. Abstracts will be translated to appear in both French and English.

If you are interested in submitting to this journal –

Click on About the Journal ( for the journal’s submission and open access policies.

Find Author Guidelines at:

Authors need to register ( with the journal prior to submitting.

If already registered, simply log in ( and begin the 5 step process.

Ellen Singleton, Ph.D. Pierre Boudreau, Ph.D. Susan Markham Starr, Ph.D.

English Editor Éditeur francophone
Managing Editor

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