Update: Give me a break! Teen charged $25K for a rescue he did not need

My recent post Give me a break! Teen charged $25K for a rescue he did not need
has been read by a lot of people, which is cool. I’ve also learned a lot from the responses. Here are some examples of what I’ve learned:

The National Association For Search And Rescue (NASAR) has a statement about billing for Search and Rescues (SARs) entitled Billing for Searches and Rescues Endangers the Public and Rescuers.

NASAR states that billing for SAR’s is a dangerous practice. It places rescuers at great risk as well as those being rescued because of the delays in calling for help. The delay is caused when people fear they are going to be charged for the rescues.

The Mountain Rescue Association which is composed of groups that do SAR’s in extreme terrain is also opposed to billing for rescues. The MRA position paper on this subject can be found at Mountain Rescue Association Reaffirms Its Position Opposing Charging Subjects For The Costs Of Their Rescues

Due to the influence of these two organizations and the Colorado SAR the City of Golden Colorado changed its position on charging for rescues. The report states the city has received a lot of negative press on top of additional problems in SARS caused by the policy. You can find the report at No Charge for Rescue. (It is nice to live in an enlightened state with such great cities! Thank heavens I don’t live in NH.)

Colorado Search and Rescue Board, a statewide organization of Colorado SAR also has a position paper on charging for SARs: The Colorado Search and Rescue Board’s Policy on Charging for Search and Rescue Services

But this was the shocker. Colorado Search and Rescue Board has compiled list of times when people in need of help did not request it or waited too long for rescue because of a fear of cost. You can find this paper at Examples of endangered persons refusing SAR help, waiting to call for help or hiding from help because of fear of large bill! It is scary to see that people put their lives at risk over money, but it obviously happens all of the time.

It is ironic that the people, who volunteer their time, energy, and money to go out in all kinds of weather to help people for FREE, also have to spend their time and energy fighting stupid governments.

Wake up New Hampshire you are only putting your citizens and visitors at greater risk.


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