Ten Reasons Why Retailers should use a release

Why retailers should use a release

  1. You can track who is coming to your store.
  2. You will learn how many people demoed a product and whether the event was a success
  3. You will get the name, address, phone and email of everyone who demoed a product so you can start a contact list
  4. You can learn if the customer liked the product, even if they don’t buy the product that day
  5. You can stop yourself from getting sued.
  6. You can educate your customers to some of the risks of the sport
  7. You can educate the customers to the risks of the new product
  8. You can rent anything to customers if you have the right release
  9. You can keep manufactures from sharing the defendant’s table with you in a lawsuit.
  10. You can help customers move into bigger and/or better products because you can run a demo program for every product in your store.

November Free Review of Releases Program

In an opportunity to help generate ideas and interest in my blog and the Outdoor Recreation and Fitness Law Review I am going to make everyone an offer you can’t refuse. During the month of November I am going to review your releases or acknowledgment of risk documents for free. You have to complete two steps to get this offer..

  1. Take the Survey and answer the questions and provide the necessary contract information.
  2. Send me a PDF or a Word document of your release or acknowledgment of risk form to me.

In return I’ll send you a review of your release. No Charge. I’ll let you know the problems you have or changes you need to make in your release or acknowledgment or risk form.

Why? I need more information about what you are looking for in an attorney, what you want from the blog, what worries you about the legal and risk management aspects of your program and subscribers to the Outdoor Recreation Law Review. I want to learn more about you. The questionnaire is going to help provide some of those answers.

Let Everyone You Know, Know about this.

Pass this information along on Facebook, Twitter and Email your friends and associates.

  1. I’m only licensed in the state of Colorado
  2. This will be a review. I will identify the issues I’ve found in your release or acknowledgment of risk form only.
  3. You must complete all questions on the quiz and provide complete and correct information.
  4. It can only be a PDF or a Word (doc, docx).
  5. The release is for use by human powered outdoor recreation programs or adventure travel programs.
  6. I reserve the right to cancel at any time or reject a program or release
  7. It may take several weeks to review your document; there is no time limit on my end.
  8. I reserve the right to change the rules, modify the rules, cancel the idea, or do anything else I want.
  9. There is no value in doing this.
  10. I’m not responsible for what you do with the information.

The information collected will not be used, distributed or given to anyone else. The contact information will be kept separate and not identified with the survey answers.

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