Scary test results from testing old climbing ropes

Thanks to Dougald MacDonald for brining this to our attention

Dougald MacDonald runs a great blog The Mountain World. I enjoy Dougald’s writing style and his posts. He recently posted an article from Black Diamond about the breaking strength of old ropes. It is a scary article. See Retire those Ropes.

(A side note here. BD runs a great blog, but it is fancy also. Consequently, many blog readers cannot read it. I do not have time to track down dozens of blogs every morning so BD’s is skipped. Sometimes technology does you in when you are so fancy you cannot be read.)

The result of the testing done by BD was a rope that had repeated falls had a significantly lower breaking strength and not at the knot as you expect. Go to Dougald’s blog The Mountain World to read about these tests.

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One Comment on “Scary test results from testing old climbing ropes”

  1. Clyde says:

    Be sure to read my comment to understand why the BD tests are totally irrelevant (not sure if Dougald posted the detailed explanation I sent later). Colin's test proves nothing since it's a static test applied to a dynamic rope. If BD had the equipment for dynamic testing (they don't), the results would have been quite reasonable.


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