Wow, this could mess up a lot of studies and ideas

It also contradicts to some extent the management theory that all employees want to take advantage of a work injury and sit at home!

Risk and Insurance is reporting that the GAO (Government Accountability Office) found that many employers are failing to report workplace injuries and illnesses. They do so out of fear of increasing worker’s compensation insurance costs.

The study also found that 53% of “health practitioners” had experienced pressure to downplay or not report workplace injuries.

Another issue was employees did not want to report injuries because they felt they would be considered wimps. This issue was appropriately titled the “wimp factor.” I have seen this at numerous outdoor recreation businesses were young and tough is a better “cred” than injured and sitting at home not working.

The article is titled America’s Soft on Safety. The study can be found at Workplace Safety and Health: Enhancing OSHA’s Records Audit Process Could Improve the Accuracy of Worker Injury and Illness Data

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