People including children fall off chair lifts.

When you have a slow news day what occurs regularly now becomes front page news.
In late fall and early January during the 2009-2010 ski season, many media sources reported on children who have been falling out of chair lifts. They received the requisite assurances from the industry that this rarely happened. The media then proceeded to put ghastly ideas of what could happen if you fell off chair lifts in the minds of the readers.
In reality, people fall out of chair lifts all the time. Very few of them suffer any injuries whatsoever, other than mild embarrassment. Young children do it most of the time when they are scooting up to get their skis level with the ground, so they unload the lift.
My concern with the articles is not that kids fall out of lifts. My concern is the articles want to place the responsibility for children riding chairlifts on the people running the chair lifts, the ski areas. Whether or not a child is allowed on the lift is the responsibility of the adult that purchased the lift ticket. If you are concerned about your child riding a chair lift do not buy your child a lift ticket. If you don’t want your child riding certain lifts, do not allow them to ride those lists.
A ski area is not in a position with dozens of people waiting to load a left to question everyone fewer than 5 feet tall as to their ability to load, ride, and unload a lift. In most states ski areas have been given specific instructions not to worry about that, because it is the responsibility of the person who buys the lift ticket to learn how to ride the lift.
No one wants children to fall out of lifts. However, if your child is a good skier he or she will eventually have a chance to the larger faster chair lifts. Those ski lifts are designed for everyone children and adults. It is not the ski areas’ responsibility to make the determination, whether or not your child has the ability to ride the lift safely. That is solely and will always be your responsibility.
See Ski Lift Safety Can Be Overlooked
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