A father of a deceased skier pushing for a helmet law in New Jersey.

Australian study shows requiring helmets reduces participants in the activity. 

Death of 12 year old daughter in 1988 fuels pushed by father for your kids to wear helmets. The young girl died after being hit by another skier.

The law does make parents liable, rather than the ski areas, if a child does not wear a helmet while at the resort. Fine of $25 to $100 are proposed.

So with all of the push to get kids’ outdoors, this law will push back and keep kids inside during the winter.
Why not put that energy and money into doing something good. Buying helmets for under privileged youth so they can go skiing and boarding rather than writing a law that will prevent them from going skiing and boarding.

Would you send your kid to go skiing, even if it’s free, if you face a fine of $100?

Why not provide an educational program for all skiers on what helmets can do and why? Why not take the money and time and provide discounts on helmets so anyone can buy or rent a helmet? Why not incentivize rental programs to provide free helmets?

What do you think? Please leave a comment.

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See Morris County doctor pushes for N.J. law requiring helmets for young skiers.

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