Backpacking has a new slogan: get high, get wet and get…….

Correctly interpreting the billboards requires a little looking?

A new marketing campaign by Mission Beach Australia is posting billboards that say

  • Get High
  • Get Wet
  • Get Laid

Next to each is a picture which further clarifies the intent.

  • Get High has a picture of someone skydiving
  • Get Wet has a picture of people whitewater rafting
  • Get Laid has a picture of someone sleeping.

The town of Cairns in the area is a hub for whitewater rafting, skydiving, and diving on the great barrier reef. Most tourists bus in for the activities and bus out that night. The purpose of the billboards is to get the tourists to stick around a little longer.

This campaign follows last year’s campaign slogan which was “Cairns – Great Up Top, Fun Down Under.” Those billboards featured a young woman in a wet t-shirt and the copy “four play” and “get high before breakfast.”

When locals receive complaints about the marketing campaign they are told to “lighten up,” another great backpacking idea.

See Cheeky Mission Beach signs cause a stir and Cheeky beach signs cause a stir.


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4 Comments on “Backpacking has a new slogan: get high, get wet and get…….”

  1. Based on your perceptions as an American commenting about an Australian ad campaign?


  2. Ryan Hemming says:

    There is a time and place for each. In this case, they are advertising recreation activities for tourists because it is a popular tourist destination, not both. Parents who have younger children may not want their kids to read or understand what this firm’s advertising tactics are. Families likely want their children to learn about sex when they feel ready, not because of the tacky marketing strategies this firm has chosen to present. There are other effective ways to advertise.


  3. 1. We are talking Australia and you seem to be applying US attitudes. 2. Is there any misrepresentation in the marketing. Why shouldn’t kids know about sex? Kids who grow up on farms do. Kids who grow up in the city are clueless sometimes.

    Remember you can’t legally provide an opinion or evaluation unless you understand where everyone is coming from. In this case from across the Pacific. 🙂


  4. Ryan Hemming says:

    I think the marketing campaign by Mission Beach Australia is unprofessional and gives recreation a poor public image. It is not suitable for all ages, which I believe the marketing firm needs to re-evaluate their target market and change their billboard and advertising to a formal, professional, yet fun idea that is intended for all ages to view and participate. However, their current tactic draws attention and the images help explain what they are really selling to the public.


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