California bill to require helmets on skiers and boarders under age 18 dies lacking governor’s signature.

Probably, a good thing.

There is a balancing act, always upset by politicians seeking to attract attention, between getting kids’ outdoors and the risks the outdoors create. That risk is probably less than the short and long term risk of sitting at home. However, that does not stop a politician seeking to gain media time from trying to eliminate the risk, no matter how misguided.

The entire premise is based on the theory that all skiers and boarders under the age of 18 will go out and buy a helmet before riding. That premises is possibly wrong. What does happen based on several studies is fewer youths participate in the sport after requiring helmets. See the following:

A critical examination of arguments against bicycle helmet use and legislation
Helmet Laws and Health
Head Injuries and Helmet Laws in Australia and New Zealand
Head injuries and bicycle helmet laws.

There are other studies that contradict these findings, however.

It is simple. Friday night Johnny takes the information bout the ski trip on Saturday to mom. Mom reads that Johnny must have a helmet to participate. Mom is not going to go buy or rent Johnny a helmet because:

  1. It is late and mom is tired.
  2. She has no money to buy or rent a helmet.
  3. She does not want to spend any more money on a helmet.
  4. Tough luck Johnny, you will probably be a bad skier anyway.

See California Helmet Bill Is Dead

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