Christopher Van Tilburg, M.D. is a well known and respected Wilderness Medicine Doc.

He also writes a great blog about the medical and first aid issues in the wilderness. And he writes in English. 

Dr. van Tilburg’s post of October 7, 2010 is about altitude sickness. In a couple of paragraphs, Dr. van Tilburg has compiled research and solid information about AMS into a layman’s article.

The focus of his post was a study on Kilimanjaro that stated the standard tactics for fighting altitude sickness did not work. The study Incidence and predictors of acute mountain sickness among trekkers on Mount Kilimanjaro showed that neither a single rest day nor drugs stopped AMS.

The post The Golden Rules for Alitude Illness finishes with the Golden Rule for Altitude posted at the International Society for Mountain Medicine created by David Schlimn and Tom Dietz.

If you feel unwell at altitude it is altitude illness until proven otherwise.
Never ascend with symptoms of AMS.
If you are getting worse (or have HACE or HAPE), go down at once. 

A quote from Dr. van Tilburg’s website tells of his experience.

I work as a mountain doctor at a ski resort, as a mountain rescue volunteer, and in a local emergency room. In addition to writing seven books, I serve as Editor-in-Chief for Wilderness Medicine, the official magazine for Wilderness Medical Society, for which I write a column called “Great Gear for Work and Play.”

Dr. van Tilburg’s website can be found here. You should follow Dr. van Tilburg’s blog and read the study.

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