Vail Hit and Run Post 1

Defendant in the hit and run accident that injured a cyclists handles the Employee Stock program for Vail Resorts. 

This is the first in several posts about the Vail Hit and Run Case where Martin Joel Erzinger hit and severely injured Dr. Steven Milo while Dr. Milo was riding his bike in Eagle County. I was intrigued by the facts and attended the hearing were the defendant plead guilty to 2 misdemeanors. I left ill, mad and embarrassed.

Today: The relationship between the defendant Erzinger and Vail Resorts.
Vail Resorts (VR) did nothing wrong and has never been part of this case. However VR is the 2000 pound gorilla of Eagle and Summit County. To say either county would be known outside of its own county let alone around the world without VR is an understatement. The finest skiing in the world can be found on VR properties.

However VR is big in cycling too. Dozens if not hundreds of VR employees are cyclists; mountain and road. During the summer VR opens Keystone and Vail to mountain biking. For a small fee you can ride up a lift and ride down the mountain on great trails on your bike. That is easy and very fun mountain biking! Mountain biking around Breckenridge and Summit County is stunning!

VR is also going to be a presence in the upcoming Quiznos Pro Challenge. Three of the stages start, end or are in VR communities. (VR communities meaning towns where VR is a presence or has a resort Avon, Breckenridge and the time trial day 3 in Vail.

Just as VR is associated with cycling even more so is the defendant Erzinger associated with Vail. The Palmer Erzinger Group is the financial advisor to VR. Every time a VR employee receives a notice about their investment or retirement they are going to be made away of the defendant in this hit and run.

Why is this important?

1. Erzinger to date denies seeing or knowing he hit Dr. Milo.
a. In my opinion, the facts, which I’ll discuss later, do not lead to that possibility.
2. You need to trust the person who handles your investments, your money, and your retirement. I’m not sure I could trust someone who would not admit when they were wrong.
3. One of the requirements that a financial advisor must do is notify the SEC within 30 days of certain criminal issues. Five months later and Erzinger has not done that yet.
4. VR is big in cycling and with the presence of the Quiznos Pro Challenge I would suspect hopes to capitalize on that. Yet each payday VR employees are going to be reminded that their money is being handled by someone who hit and ran, almost killing a cyclist. 

Articles I’ve written about the issue:
Bob Roll is Boycotting Vail Colorado
To Hear my comments about this case listen to the following podcasts at

The Spokesmen 57 – The Fairy Tale of Vail

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Background on the case from the Vail Daily starting with the July notice of the accident:

Cyclists hurt in two hit-and-runs in Eagle County
Arrowhead homeowner charged with felony
Alleged hit-and-run driver may not face felony
Hurlbert stands by plea bargain
Edwards hit-and-run motorist’s attorneys blame sleep disorder
‘New-car smell’ cited in Edwards hit-and-run case
Plea deal goes before judge in Eagle Thursday
Judge’s decision not ‘hard,’ but ‘tortured’

Martin Joel Erzinger Won’t Face Felony Charges In Hit-And-Run Because It Might Affect His Job

Editorials about the case:

Vail Daily editorial: Up to judge to put justice on track
Vail Daily editorial: The judge who said that’s not his job

Martin Erzinger, Morgan Stanley Wealth Manager, Won’t Face Felony Charges For Hit-And-Run

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