Money is important in some lawsuits, but the emotions that starts a lawsuit.

Acting and dealing with the issues may end the anger and may prevent litigation.

I’ve written twice about Adam Dzialo. He was a young boy who suffered serious brain trauma at a summer camp. He was in a whitewater course or program at the camp when he suffered a foot entrapment. The legal issues in this case are numerous and the case for the family is a never ending nightmare in the eyes of most people.

In doing some research for a book I stumbled upon this article about an apology the Dzialo family received from the school that held the camp that injured Adam. I knew the college had apologized, see Wow, someone apologized when Adam’s father posted a comment to a prior post Serious Disconnect: Why people sue.

However, I did not know the extent of the apology and more importantly how much it meant to the family until I stumbled across this article Family of injured boy, GCC make amends. The article looks at the issues the family faced and how they and the school could work through the issues to resolve some if not all the emotional ones after the financial ones ended.

Many times we are told by insurance companies and others that the money solves the problem. The money solves the problem because that is why people sue. Yet no one, no study and no look at the realities of litigation supports those statements. Here, the family was still dealing with the issues long after the money issues had been resolved. Closure occurred 10 years after the accident and four years after the lawsuit was settled.

The money did not solve the problem.

If you look at some of the issues the family was angry about and dealing with, several of them, I’m sure were prompted by defense counsel for the school. The failure on the part of the college to contact and provide support to Adams’s family and the failure to apologize earlier were obviously driven by the school’s attorneys believing they were doing the best thing for the school.

How can a more powerful example exist of the miscommunication that exists between injured people and the future defendants exist?

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