NPS looking for an intern with Scuba Skills!

Submerged Resources Center: Diving Internship Applications Sought

The National Park Service and the Our World Underwater Scholarship Society are pleased to announce the second year of the OWUSS/NPS research internship.

This internship will provide a unique opportunity for a talented young person to explore the wonderful diversity of the NPS diving program and provide an opportunity to work with our diving rangers and scientists in the National Park Service and other agencies in American state and federal governments. Specific work projects will be determined based upon interests of the intern as well as the needs of associated projects.  The intern will be based in Denver, Colorado, but it is expected that she/he will travel to projects within the continental United States, and potentially overseas, as part of this internship.  The internship could involve a specific project in a single park or a larger project in multiple parks.

Typical projects may include underwater archeology or filming/photography work with the Submerged Resources Center; biological assessments of coral reefs or kelp forests in places like Dry Tortugas National Park or Channel Islands; assistance with training at national training seminars for NPS divers; interpretation and outreach/education with parks like Biscayne National Park; or public safety diving with our law enforcement rangers at numerous parks throughout the system.  In addition to fieldwork, the intern may have the opportunity to visit Washington, DC, to observe, first-hand, the crafting and implementation of NPS ocean policy and planning.

Last year’s OWUSS intern, Brianne Billups, had an amazing array of experiences with dive teams throughout the NPS system and set a very high standard for others to follow. See Brianne’s blog for more about her experiences. Click here for additional information on the program.

Applications are due by January 31st. 
[Submitted by Sami Seeb]  More Information…

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