Worker’s compensation is not enough, but then stupid is as stupid does.

Reporter suing for injuries she received while reporting about a Zorb at a ski area.

A Zorb is a giant ball that rolls down the hill. The reporter was at Lost Valley ski area when she tried the Zorb for a story. The basis of the suit is the ski area said the Zorb was reasonable safe. Supposedly, the Zorb left the course and rolled over a barrier. Her complaint goes on to say. The ski area…

“failed to undertake basic and reasonable safety precautions, follow industry guidelines, seek governmental approval and/or use reasonable common sense in researching, acquiring, installing, testing and/or offering ‘zorbing’ at” the ski area.

Of course every business should immediately go out and ask the government, state local and federal, for approval for everything they may do. My favorite, they ski industry failed to follow industry guidelines. What industry, there is one company make Zorb’s.

After the wild ride, she drove back to the newspaper office then was taken to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston where she was later admitted.

At the same time, this suit may not be connected to the reporter’s desire for compensation. This may be due to one of two different things.

1. Worker’s compensation in Maine maybe so bad that the woman needs additional money to pay her medical bills; or,

2. The suit is based on the subrogation clause in the worker’s compensation policy and is actually started by the insurance company. The suit is in the woman’s name because she has the claim, but most of the money will go to the insurance company.

I hope a release was signed.

Before climbing in, you can’t figure out the risk? I’m getting into a plastic ball to roll down the hill in front of me, and I’m not worried!

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