2010-11 Ski Season Ski Area Fatalities

This list is not guaranteed to be accurate. The information is found from web searches and news dispatches. If you have a source for information on any fatality please leave a comment.

Yellow Highlighted Fatality was an employee at work

If this information is incorrect or incomplete please let me know. Thanks.


# Date Resort State Age Skier Ability Ski/ Tele /Boarder Cause of Death Helmet
1 11/22 Wolf Creek Ski Area CO 41 Expert Skier No
2 12/2 Snowmass CO 22 Skier Yes
3 12/12 Cannon Mountain NH 18 Skier No
4 12/18 Wolf Creek Ski Area CO 35 Expert Boarder hyperextended his neck backward, rupturing an artery
5 12/19 Cannon Mountain ski resort NH 31 Boarder
6 12/21 Beaver Creek Ski Area CO 59 Skier blunt force trauma Yes
7 12/24 Hogadon Ski Area WY 5 Skier massive chest injuries Yes
8 12/24 Hogadon Ski Area WY 22 Boarder massive chest injuries No
9 12/26 Aspen Mountain CO 77 Expert Skier suffering a broken
10 12/27 Mountain High ski resort CA 24 Beginner Boarder No
11 12/28 Discovery Ski Area MT 21 Expert Skier blunt force trauma injuries Yes
12 12/29 China Peak Ski Area CA 29 Boarder asphyxiation
13 12/29 Whitefish Mountain Resort MT 16 Skier Taken off life support 1/2/11
14 1/2 Keystone Ski Resort CO 38 Boarder blunt force trauma Yes
15 1/9 Whitefish Mountain Resort MT 29 Boarder Yes
16 1/9 Snowbowl AZ 22 Boarder
17 1/11 Heavenly Mountain Resort 57 blunt force trauma to the left side of her chest
18 1/12 Jackson Hole Mountain Resort WY 18 Skier Instantly upon hitting tree
19 1/15 Sugarloaf ME 16 Skier Yes
20 1/16 Windham Mountain NY 18 Beginner Skier Extensive Head Injuries No
21 1/19 Mt. Rose Resort NV 15 Boarder Head injuries No
22 1/22 Granlibakken Resort CA 22 Boarder blunt force trauma
23 1/26 Keystone Resort CO 22 severe blunt force trauma No
24 1/27 Anthony Lakes Ski Area OR 24 collided with a tree and suffered head and neck injuries
25 1/28 Crystal Mountain WA 67 severed his spinal cord
26 1/30 Mount Hood Meadows Ski Resort OR 41 Skier No
27 2/4 Hunt Hollow NY 54 Yes
28 2/4 Hunt Hollow Ski Club NY 54 Skier Yes
29 2/6 Eldora Mountain Resort CO 35 Expert Boarder
30 2/9 Sun Valley Resort ID 49 Skier trauma to his head and chest No
31 2/11 Windham Mountain Ski Resort NY 69 Novice Skier extensive head injuries No
32 2/11 Cooper Mountain Ski Area CO 21 fractured skull, a fractured right knee, a broken leg, a broken wrist, many facial fractures and lacerations to his liver and kidney
33 2/12 Snowshoe Mountain Resort WV 22
34 2/16 Sun Valley Resort ID
35 2/17 The Yellowstone Club MT 45
36 2/18 Spirit Mountain WI 12 Skier
37 2/20 Mount Shasta CA 23
38 2/23 Arapahoe Basin CO 32 Skier blunt force trauma to the chest No
39 2/27 Northstar-at-Tahoe CA 30 Boarder impact of hitting a tree or suffocation from landing headfirst in the snow bank No
40 2/28 California’s Kirkwood Ski area CA 25 Skier internal bleeding
41 3/11 Snowmass Mtn CO 73 Skier multiple systems trauma
42 3/14 Beaver Creek Ski Area CO 18 Expert Skier died from head trauma Yes
43 3/16 Welch Village Ski Area MN 65 Skier
44 3/16 Alyeska Resort AK 53 Skier
45 3/17 Howelsen Hill Ski Area CO 19 Skier
46 3/4 Blue Mountain Ski Resort PA 73 Skier head injury Yes
47 3/22 Eldora Mountain Resort CO 21 Skier No
48 3/26 West Mountain Ski Resort NY 17 Skier head injuries and went into cardiac arrest No
49 3/25 Winter Park Resort CO 39 Skier Hit a tree Yes
50 4/8 Winter Park Resort CO 11 Skier Collision with 2 other skiers Yes

First Update: Ski Area Fatalities -2010-11 Ski Season
Second Update: Ski Area Fatalities -2010-11 Ski Season to date: 1/5/1
Third Update: Ski Area Fatalities -11 Ski Season to date: 1/14/11
Fourth Update: Ski Area Fatalities 2010 -11 Ski Season to date: 3/2/11
Fifth Update: Ski Area Fatalities -2010-11 Ski Season to date: 3/26/11

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