I once thought you had to take an IQ test to run to be a state legislator. You could run only if you flunk the test.

Or probably, If I make enough noise, no matter how wrong, I can get re-elected.

A Senator in California is pushing a bill to require helmets on kids at ski areas. His statements to the press, if quoted correctly are made to flame the emotions of people and not based on either research or intelligence.

SB 105 will significantly reduce instances of traumatic brain injury or death for such a vulnerable population

Despite repeated warnings from public health experts, professional athletes, and ski resorts, each winter brings news of hundreds of unnecessary tragedies for the failure to wear a helmet

Right, ski resorts are saying that helmets will protect kids.

However this statement by the author of the article is just plain dumb.

According to the National Ski Areas Association, 19 of 38 people who died on ski slopes in the 2009-2010 season were not wearing helmets at the time of the injury

Correct, that also means that 19 of the 38 people who died last season on ski slopes where wearing helmets. Your chances of dying wearing a helmet are exactly the same as not wearing a helmet.

How can California not set minimum standards for children’s ski safety when the data is so conclusive that helmets save lives and reduce severity of head injuries,” said Yee

What data is he looking at? His own quote in the article proves his statement is wrong.

However I doubt that this Senator really cares about kids, he just cares about getting re-elected and he can parade this around as something he did to protect kids. Protect them from skiing, not from injuries.

I tried contacting Senator Yee to show him some research but he only accepts email from people in his district. I mean why listen to reason when you can hide behind ignorance.

See Ski Helmet Law Approved By Senate

Do Something

Wear a helmet; it might help prevent head injuries. It won’t keep you alive. More importantly, next time you walk into a ballot box or deal with a politician, try and get the truth, not just platitudes.

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