Authors are responsible for accidents.

The intelligence behind this proposed law matches the intelligence behind several of the laws in Hawaii.

If you need money, go to Hawaii and get hurt. California we always thought made it easy to sue. However, Hawaii has far surpassed any attempt by CA to reign as king of litigation.

In Hawaii a bill was passed to stop litigation for recreation business that only took away the defenses the recreation businesses had and made suing them easier.

In Hawaii the state is liable for anything that happens on their parks, which usually means something stupid or inane by tourists.

In Hawaii the National Park Service is dragged into writing big checks because stay law requires it.
So in an effort to curb injuries, and probably pay outs, a law is being proposed in Hawaii that would make authors of guide books liable for injuries of people to who took the authors’ advice.

Can’t you see the next Hawaiian guidebook? The top ten padded rooms to see while visiting Hawaii.
See Guidebooks to Risky Attractions Stir Up Trouble in Paradise

Eventually, a lot of people will spend money, and lawyers will get rich proving that the First Amendment works in Hawaii. It did not get lost traveling over the Pacific Ocean. It will take time and legislators will pat themselves on the back and say they have done something to make Hawaii safer.

Do Something

1. Send a letter to the Governor of Hawaii and remind the governor that there is a first amendment, and it does work in Hawaii.
2. Tell the Governor if they want to quit writing checks they need to pass a law that says if you are stupid you can’t collect money.
3. Tell the Governor to pass a law that says a release is a valid contract that Hawaiian business should be allowed to use.
4. Tell the Governor to veto any bill holding authors liable for the acts of others.

What do you think? Leave a comment.

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