There is a reason why we don’t keep bears as pets. There Dangerous!

Utah court awards $1.9 million to family of boy killed by a bear.

1. It is always sad when anyone is killed, more so when it is a child.
2. $1.9 million is a lot of money for the loss of a child.
3. The money was awarded because the family did not know the bear was dangerous? Give me a break!

Supposedly the judge awarded the amount because “U.S. Forest Service was required to warn the family that a dangerous animal was on the loose in canyon.”

The dangerous bear had supposedly ripped open a cooler earlier in the day. HAS NO ONE IN UTAH EVER SEEN YOGI BEAR? Either the movie or the cartoon show. Bears get into coolers, picnic baskets and cars if there is food in side.

Of course there was the obligatory statement that the parents did this so it would not happen to anyone else. It is going to happen to anyone who takes their kid camping in bear country and puts the kid in a tent with a granola bar wrapper and an open Coke Zero can. That is just baiting the bear!

Please appeal this decision and get it in front of someone who has been to a zoo or at least outdoors.

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One Comment on “There is a reason why we don’t keep bears as pets. There Dangerous!”

  1. Good post…I think my heart just fluttered 10 times faster than usual! This is so exciting! I would love to see her have some cubs! I think she would make an amazing Mommy and she will have something very dear to herself for a while, after the loss of her sister a few years back. I am super excited!


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