Be Prepared now days means prepared to save a life and deal with the post-accident mess

Parents both congratulate and condemn BSA

A Scout was struck and killed by a lightening at a camp. His friend and fellow scout as well as an adult leader are being called heroes in their attempts to save his life. However after that point the response and dealings with the family seemed to have been botched or ignored.

The article quotes the following issues that occurred after the youth had died and the family had been called. “Rayborn” is the deceased scout’s father. 

“We are very upset and frustrated with all the miscommunications, beginning at the time when we got the first phone call that David had been struck by lightning,” Rayborn said in a public statement Saturday.

Rayborn said his family was told to meet the medical helicopter at the hospital, only to learn once there that their son was not on the flight because he had not survived.

Then, they had to wait 32 hours before they knew where David was or where he was being taken, Rayborn said.

So? So don’t be this stupid!

Knowing first aid and CPR is not enough now days. Your emergency plan should not list everything you should do, you won’t follow it anyway. It should list who should do what. The training should follow that specifically says you don’t do anything unless you know specifically what is going on. Here miscommunications left the parents of a dead youth waiting 32 hours to find out where their son’s body was.
A lot of people screwed up. How could you have the body of a minor on your hands and not expect family members to arrive quickly.

How could you not communicate with the family when the plans changed?
How could you not call and say your son is not on the helicopter.
How could you not send someone to the family to assist them in their time of need?
An adult and a youth are heroes in an attempt to save a life. However, after those things were messed up according to this article. 

See Families of two Scouts struck by lightning express frustration over their ordeal.

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