Seriously, you have to send a memo about this, the issue is not what they are doing, it is who you are allowing to instruct.

To: All OEC Instructors
From: Nat OEC Program Director
Subject: Training Practices
Date: 9/19/11
It has been brought to my attention that during some of the refreshers Being held this year, individuals are being injured as a result of two much enthusiasm being projected during practical exercises. This is not acceptable. We need to insure that during the practical exercises, the students demonstrate that they know how to perform the skills but not to the extent that their volunteer patients sustain real life injuries.
A few examples would be:
Don’t perform real CPR on a pretend patient
Don’t tighten a tourniquet on a pretend patient
Don’t apply tension when demonstrating the Posterior SV dislocation reduction on a pretend patient.
Don’t apply traction when applying a traction splint on a pretend patient.
Don’t apply AED pads to a pretend patient.
Don’t give an Epi pen to a pretend patient.
I know these appear to be common sense but again we have already had some complaints of injuries during refresher training this year. It is incumbent on you as the OEC Instructor to insure safety for your patrollers during this training.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Besides, you are teaching illegal acts if you are teaching EPI use. See 10 First Aid Myths

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