Help The FredCast Fight Multiple Sclerosis: Friends of Mine

Our family has been personally affected by multiple sclerosis since 2003. Every year since then we have participated in BikeMS events around the country. This year we’re returning to southern California to take part in the MS Bay to Bay Bike Tour, and we need your support.
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Help The FredCast Fight MS

Join The Movement! Please Donate!

Hi Fellow Freds! 

I’m sorry to interrupt your Sunday, but I wanted to write to ask for your help. Since I don’t use this medium to communicate with you very often, I hope you’ll know that it is something important and that you’ll continue reading and seriously consider my request.

As you know, my wife Donna has multiple sclerosis. She’s lucky in that her symptoms aren’t as severe or debilitating as those of friends and acquaintances we know who have the more serious form of the disease or who have been stricken with permanent disabilities. Still, we deal with the effects of multiple sclerosis on a daily basis. We’ve also seen first-hand how the National Multiple Sclerosis Society is helping to improve the lives of those living with MS through newly discovered treatments, medicines, programs, support groups and more.  

That’s why, in just two weeks, Donna and I will be participating in the annual MS Bay to Bay Bike Tour in southern California. Donna is living proof of how the funds collected through events like these have resulted in incredible disease-modifying treatments, allowing people with MS to lead healthier, more productive lives. We’re hoping that we can count on your support.

Please go to my donation page (or Donna’s) and donate whatever you can. Your gift, no matter how small (or large!), will help the National MS Society continue its work toward a cure. The National MS Society says that the Society exists so that, someday, MS will no longer exist. Through events like these, we are getting closer and closer to that day and I hope you’ll join me in helping to make that day a reality for Donna and for all those living with or affected by multiple sclerosis.

As always, thank you for listening (or, in this case, reading), and thank you for being such loyal and wonderful supporters of The FredCast.

Enjoy the ride!


P.S. I have posted a longer version of this letter on the FredCast web site, including a photo of me and Donna at the Utah BikeMS event last year.

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