The non-profit asks community to keep eyes peeled 

Ashland, OR—On February 21, boating equipment used by a local non-profit organization committed to protecting and restoring water quality in the Rogue Basin was stolen from a storage location in south Ashland.

Rogue Riverkeeper is a non-profit organization with the mission to protect and restore water quality and fish populations in the Rogue Basin and adjacent coastal watersheds. The raft has been used to do river cleanups, take water quality measurements and for on-the-water research and education throughout the Rogue Basin.

We hope that people can keep a watch out for our boat, which is distinctive in size with unmistakable Rogue Riverkeeper logos fused to the raft,” said Lesley Adams, Program Director for Rogue Riverkeeper. “We hope to recover our stolen boat, trailer and other equipment so that we can continue to use it to promote clean water and healthy fish runs on the Rogue.”

The storage building was broken into and the following items were stolen: An approximately 12’ long blue, yellow and black NRS raft with a removable oar frame and fishing seats along with a pair of wooden Sawyer oars with edge guarding Kevlar. The boat has one-foot diameter Rogue Riverkeeper logos on the front quarters.  The trailer is black with a flat textured surface, and the raft should be secured to it by a line and winch at the front, and straps tied to the tall metal tail light posts in the rear. Four vests, two pumps, an inflatable kayak and paddle, and a blue NRS vista whitewater PFD size sm/med were all in the boat.

“While extremely disappointed by this theft, we are deeply grateful for the support we have already received from the community.  Fishermen, kayakers and raft guides are helping spread the word and we are hopeful that our property will be recovered so that we can get back on the water this year and work for clean water in the Rogue,” said Adams.

Rogue Riverkeeper is a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance [3], which is an alliance of nearly 200 organizations on six continents working for clean water.  One of the reasons the Waterkeeper Alliance is so effective is that it requires that all programs have a watercraft with which to patrol their local waterbodies to monitor activities and changing conditions that impact water quality. The stolen boat and trailer were donated to Rogue Riverkeeper. The value of the stolen items is estimated to be around $6,500.

Attached is a photo of the boat with distinctive Rogue Riverkeeper logos fused onto the raft. Caption: Rogue Riverkeeper filled their boat for a river clean-up of the old reservoir area after Gold Ray dam was removed in 2010.

Lesley Adams, Program Director


PO Box 102

Ashland, Oregon 97520



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