Freya Hoffmeister joins Point 65 Kayaks Sweden

Freya Hoffmeister, world famous or her circumnavigation of Australia joins Point 65 Kayaks Sweden

Point 65 Kayaks Sweden is proud to welcome Freya Hoffmeister, the world-renowned expedition kayaker who is currently circumnavigating South America. Freya brings unparalleled experience and expertise to the Point 65 team which will be extremely valuable in developing great kayaks. Her first design project is the POINT 65 FREYA, an 18-foot expedition kayak that Freya will use for her long-distance expeditions.

The adventures

In 2009 Freya circumnavigated Australia becoming the second and the fastest person ever to do so and the first woman and unassisted paddler to complete the unbelievable trip. In January 2008 Freya circumnavigated the South Island of New Zealand, again unassisted and again the fastest to do so. She was the first woman completing this achievement as well and, she also completed her circumnavigation of Iceland in 2007 as the fastest, male or female, to do so.

 South America

In August 2011 Freya began her circumnavigation of South America, a feat never before achieved or even attempted. Her plan is to paddle in three steps.

She finished the first 8000 km from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso in May 2012, rounding Cape Horne—the difficult way—on what must be one of the greatest paddling adventures in kayaking history.

After a summer break Freya will resume the trip in September 2012, paddling north past Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia and through the Panama Canal. Then heading south, past Venezuela, she will finish the second 8000 km leg in Guyana. On the third and final 8000 km leg, starting in September 2013, she will paddle past Suriname, Brazil, and Uruguay, returning to Buenos Aires in time to celebrate her 50th birthday on May 10, 2014.

The new POINT 65 FREYA Expedition Kayak

In September 2012 Freya will start the second leg in her custom designed Point 65 FREYA 18-foot expedition kayak, designed in collaboration with Swedish designer Magnus de Brito (Porsche, Agapi Marine, Pirelli Boats, Point 65). The FREYA compiles all  Freya’s experiences from years of extreme long-distance expedition paddling, and the result is a kayak with unbelievable speed vis-á-vis stability and comfort. It is designed to consume miles of paddling with extreme ease and speed while being totally safe, comfortable and stable in the worst and scariest conditions. The FREYA is packed with several groundbreaking innovations and will be unveiled at the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City on August 1st, 2012. The FREYA will be available in limited edition and on special preseason order.

We are very proud to have Freya on board! Her trust in our products and her commitment to developing the POINT 65 FREYA says a lot about Point 65’s manufacturing quality and innovative capabilities. Freya’s experiences from multi- year expeditions circumnavigating continents, is completely unique. Nobody can better assess and advise on what abuse a kayak has to withstand. Freya is an incredible addition to Point 65.” 

Nigel Foster, Point 65’s VP of R&D and head

of the Point 65 sponsored paddler program

“I’m extremely happy to become a part of the Point 65 family where I can play a role in influencing the products I use. Point 65 has proven unique innovative design skills as well as commitment to quality which will make my expeditions so much easier. With Point 65 and Thule, I have two Swedish leading brands as main sponsors, which is more than a coincidence.”                                                                  

Freya Hoffmeister

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