DEADLINE: MON, OCT. 29- EPA Small Grants Program in Colorado

DEADLINE: MON, OCT. 29- EPA Small Grants Program in Colorado

The Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education is coordinating Colorado proposals for the EPA Region 8 Small Grants Programs.

The deadline to submit a proposal is Monday, October 29.

This grant is seeking proposals that demonstrate inclusive environmental education that addresses strategies outlined in the Colorado Environmental Education Plan and includes a component that can be disseminated among the environmental education community. You can find a brief summary of the request for proposals below.

You can find more information and download the grant application from the Colorado section of the Region 8 Small Grants Website.

If you have any questions, it is preferred that you email questions initially to outreach

Request for Proposals Summary:

The primary goal of this program is to deliver high quality coordinated environmental education across the states in EPA Region 8. All of the states in this region have been working towards assessment-driven environmental literacy initiatives that serve EPA’s educational and environmental priorities.

Environmental Literacy in Colorado is defined as an individual’s understanding of how their actions and decisions affect the environment so they can act on that understanding in a responsible and effective manner. The Colorado Environmental Education Plan, expected to be adopted in 2012, is setting the direction for environmental literacy initiatives in the state. Strategies in the plan include building awareness and sharing standards-based environmental education tools, resources, and expertise, which is the focus of this request for proposals. Find out more about the strategies in the Draft Colorado Environmental Education Plan at Successful proposals will address strategies outlined in the plan, demonstrate inclusive environmental education, and include a component that can be shared or disseminated among the environmental education community and through the Online Network for Environmental Education at

Thank you! Malinda

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