WORKING PARTNERSHIP: 9th Annual Legislative Briefing

Our goal with your partnership is to increase your exposure, engage and grow your network and make an impact on

Los Pinos River, Colorado July 1994

Los Pinos River, Colorado July 1994 (Photo credit: Mike Schaffner)

sustainability in Colorado.  Working Partners are critical to the success of the event and are actively working directly with the Alliance to ensure the Legislative Briefing is impactful, educational and well attended.

Serving as a Working Partner entails:

·         Endorsing the event to others in your network by sending out the event invitation via email, and personally calling at least 5 key people asking them to attend the event.

·         Providing input and helping to secure keynote and legislative speakers.

·         Assisting with the procurement of cash sponsors, as well as donated food and beverages. Any cash sponsorship secured by a Working Partner will be divided between the Alliance and the Working Partner’s organization.


Working Partners

Logo on Event page of Alliance website


Name and/or logo on all Event Communications


Logo displayed in registration area


50/50 split of cash sponsorships secured by Working Partner


Shared display table in registration area





Where:  The Old Supreme Court Chambers at the Denver Capitol, 200 East Colfax, Denver


When:  February 22nd, 2013


Theme: Energy Efficiency: The Next Generation


Purpose:  To hear from policy makers and community leaders about their 2013 legislative priorities regarding  sustainability and energy efficiency measures and how people in business, nonprofits, education and government can get involved and work together to advance sustainability across Colorado.


Attendees:  Between 150 and 200 representatives from business, nonprofits, education, and government.

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