Association of Independent Camps is moving forward



In early February I wrote to you indicating that the AIC board of Directors voted unanimously to take the steps necessary to create a 501 (C) 6 non-profit organization separate from it’s ACA subsidiary AIC organization.

The purpose of this letter is to let you know of the steps that have been taken.

We have a new name. I am excited to announce that The Camp Owners and Directors Association (CODA) has been reserved as a non-profit Corporation in Massachusetts. We have the name, website and the means to continue our mission which, quite frankly, does not change from what it was as AIC.

We know:

That the mission of Independent Camp Owners, directors and administrators is to provide safe, fun, productive camping experiences for children helping them grow, mature and gain independence.

It is the mission of CODA to help you achieve this vision.

Our goal is for CODA to become so effective that every independent camp director, owner and administrator, whether for profit or non-profit will feel the need to belong. To this end we will double our membership by the end of 2014.

We have not stood still while we work through the legalities and complexities of moving from AIC to CODA. In the past month you have received information about riflery equipment and horseback riding training. We have a lot more to share. In the near future we will communicate to you on the following:

  • We are offering an innovative CODA insurance product that protects the camp parent’s investment and the camp owner’s income. This product is administered through Bollinger Insurance and Ed Schirick:
  • An agreement with to get our message to the over 4 million visitors to their website:
  • We are planning THE project we’ve all wanted for the past 20 years. A HUGE endeavor that will encompass every aspect of our organization. A project that is America’s Summer Camps!
  • We are creating a relationship with Firestorm, an organization that will help us plan, prepare and be ready for the unthinkable situations that inevitable happen at camp;
  • We will be bringing you information from a “Magician” (direct quote from Michael Brandwein) in camp marketing, Travis Allison, the Camp Hacker.
  • And a new website to be revealed shortly.

There is a lot more to come from your old, NEW organization, The Camp Owners and Directors Association.

Be on the lookout for more information!

Robert Lebby

Camp Directors and Owners Association

Executive Director

520 577 7925


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