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COSC logoThis spring the Colorado Outdoor Stewardship Coalition completed the third Volunteer Impact Report. As with the previous reports from 2010 and 2011, we attempted to aggregate volunteer data from land management agencies across the state. Although we continue to face challenges with how volunteer data is tracked and counted across the state, we saw a slight increase in volunteer totals in 2012 — coming close to 1.3 million hours donated by our communities to care for Colorado’s outdoors! You can download the report here.

Work continues this year for the Coalition to finalize and release the Gap and Capacity Report. We have been working with a research team to gather data about three topics related to outdoor stewardship:

1. gaps faced by natural resources agencies between what they are required and expected to do and what they have the resources to do

2. capacity – human and financial – available internally and in our communities to meet this gap

3. perceptions of land managers, volunteers, community leaders and the community at large about priorities and how communities can be involved in caring for our natural resources.

The first of these three topics has been completed. Thank you to all of the public land management agencies who participated in the survey and following interviews. Efforts are underway to complete the second topic through a survey and series of focus groups with community-based stewardship organizations and recreational user groups.

Finally, if you’re interested in joining the Coalition, please contact Dean Winstanley at 303-715-1010 x119 or dean. Current members include federal, state and local land management agencies and nonprofit stewardship organizations around Colorado.



Photo courtesy Margaret Bloomer

It’s true! We’re already thinking about next year even though we are only part way through this season. Applications are due by September 20th for larger (multi-day and/or over 50 people) projects. Applications for smaller projects (one-day and/or less than 50 people) can be accepted any time, but to get it on our 2014 season calendar, we need the application by October 31st

. Earlier applications will get priority!


Use the following criteria to determine if your project idea is a good fit with VOC. More information can be found at the link above.

– The project will provide a rewarding and safe volunteer experience.

– There is a critical need for the project such as high use, environmental degradation, threats to resources or community need. It has been identified as a priority for your agency.

– The work can be accomplished in the designated time frame.

– It is a good opportunity for community involvement.

– All required environmental studies, such as NEPA, will be completed before project planning begins.

– Your agency staff is able to meet with VOC project planners to ensure success.

ALSO — Next year is VOC’s 30th anniversary! It will be an opportunity to showcase work that we have done over the years. If you have an anniversary-themed idea for a project or location that has historical significance for VOC, please let us know in your application!

The VOC project selection committee works to select a diverse slate of projects that fit land agency priorities, volunteers’ expectations, and community needs.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by the Project Selection Committee and scheduled to be scouted. The earlier in the fall we can do this, the better.

Any questions? Call Dean Winstanley at 303-715-1010 x119 or email at: dean


The Outdoor Stewardship Institute (OSI) is a stewardship training and support program operated by VOC. OSI offers high quality outdoor stewardship training to volunteers, land management agencies, and other stewardship organizations in Colorado and around the country. We offer regularly scheduled training courses on field technical and crew leadership skills, volunteer management, project management, trail design, and more, as well as customized training to meet specific needs. Contact Matt Martinez at 303-715-1010 x112 or matt for more information.

About Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC)Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to motivating and enabling people to become active stewards of Colorado’s natural resources. Founded in 1984, VOC is a nationally recognized leader in outdoor stewardship volunteerism, having helped more than 92,000 people of all ages get involved in and become inspired to care for Colorado’s outdoors.Learn more at www.voc.org.
Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado
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