Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association: If you are not a member you should be!

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Protecting Archeological Sites in Grand Canyonunkar2c10e98.jpg
This collection pile has destroyed some of the archaeological information these artifacts once possessed.It is very important that we, as users of the park, recognize the significance and fragility of archeological sites located in and around Grand Canyon. In 1995, under Superintendent Arnberger, sites were classified in a four tiered system. Class I sites can be regularly visited because they receive the most physical protection. Class II sites receive less maintenance, but are able to withstand fairly high levels of use. Class III sites are not well known, fragile, are not closed, but can tolerate only limited, prudent visitation. Class IV sites are closed to ALL visitation. Please practice a bit of etiquette when visiting any site, ie. walk on durable surfaces; discourage unnecessay handling of surface objects; if you do pick something up, replace it from where it came; avoid touching petroglyphs and pictographs, oils from human skin can degrade pigments and rock surfaces, never camp or eat at a site and never use it as a bathroom; and above all, use common sense anytime you visit a site. Remember the people who will come after you. Click here for more information and a list of Class I and Class II sites.

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