Environmental Education Giving Week April 16-22


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Save the Date:

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Give Today. Support Tomorrow.

Celebrate Earth Day this year by supporting the dedicated educators in Colorado who work every day to create a better world through environmental education.

EE Giving Week 2014

CAEE is teaming up with the North American Association for Environmental Education and its Affiliate Network to create more visibility and support for EE across the globe. The funds raised on our giving page will come back to CAEE to advance EE locally and 5% will go to benefit NAAEE, as our voice at the national level.

By giving to CAEE, you will support local educators as well as state, national, and global efforts to improve education and care for the environment in which we live.

GivEE Colorado!

We need your help to advance environmental education! Please save the date and support EE April 16-22!

Call 303-273-9527303-273-9527 or email us if you have questions! Thank you for your support of EE!


Phone: 303-273-9527303-273-9527

Fax: 303-273-5780

E-mail: infohttp://www.caee.org

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