One Comment on “Release fails to protect the defendant because the release was also a sign-up sheet and a promise to obey the rules.”

  1. Austin says:

    This was a pretty simple case but it’s an important case for recreation professionals because we deal with waivers all the time and to protect ourselves and our organization we need to understand from a legal perspective how to write waivers. I learned a lot of specific legal points throughout this case. Every case is a spider web of other cases due to the way our legal system is set up. You can’t understand this case unless you understand other cases (notably Manning v. Brannon and Schmidt v. United States of America). While that makes it hard for someone outside of the legal area to understand certain aspects of a case it makes it easy to predict what can and will happen to you and your organization. I’ve learned that putting the extra work up front into protecting myself and my organization is much better than dealing with the legal troubles that can easily come from a seemingly small thing like a waiver.


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